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Tried And Tested Tips To Get Rid Of Pet Stains From Carpet

Tried And Tested Tips

Although pets are a source of unconditional love & companionship, they can also make life a little more difficult! When it comes to cleaning up pet mishaps — regardless if it’s from pee, poop, or vomit — all you want is a solution that will quickly eliminate the dye and smell, leaving your entire home smelling fresh and making your floors look brand new.

Did you ever wonder why some pet accidents can be cleaned easily? Are you considering replacing your carpets? or Have you tried several different stain removers but have seen no difference – then it is likely that the stains have penetrated deep into the carpet fibers.

Tried And Tested Tips To Get Rid Of Pet Stains From Carpet

It’s not easy to remove pet stains from carpets. You need to keep blotting the stain with a cloth, then use a commercial pet stain remover. In most cases, you will have to repeat this process until the stain is removed.

Here are some tried and tested tips:

Identify the stain
The first thing that you need to do is identify what caused the stain. This will make it easier for you to figure out how to remove it. There are different processes that you can go through depending on what caused the stain.

Blot and remove fresh stains as soon as possible for best results.
Use paper towels or a clean cloth to blot the area of the carpet where there is a fresh pet urine stain. The idea behind blotting is to absorb as much of the urine as possible. Press down firmly, so that most of the liquid is absorbed by the paper towel or cloth rather than your carpet.

Use an enzyme cleaner
Use an enzymatic cleaner that contains ingredients such as enzymes, which help break down organic matter in order to eliminate odors and stains. This type of cleaner is best for treating pet urine stains because it’s specifically designed for removing tough stains from carpets without damaging them further.

Baking Soda

Sprinkle baking soda over the area where the pet urine is. The baking soda will absorb the odor coming from the urine and neutralize it by turning it into carbon dioxide gas, which causes an almost instant cleaning effect. Just make sure that you leave for about an hour so that the soda has enough time to do its work, after which you can vacuum up all of the baking soda and dispose of it in your trashcan.

Get out the detergent
Any old detergent will help break down the proteins in pet waste. But something designed specifically for pet stains will work more effectively at removing both protein and odors. It makes it easier to get rid of any lingering smells.

The active ingredient in pet stain removal products is enzymes, which break down protein-based stains so they can be easily removed. And as we mentioned above, avoid ammonia-based products if possible. Now that you have the information, it should be easy to decide which product is best for you?

We recommend trying out your chosen product in a small area before tackling the entire mess. We are providing you the tried and tested tips to get rid of pet stains from the carpet. Did we miss any? Please feel free to add any additional methods in the comments!

The biggest thing to remember is patience! Getting frustrated with a stain will make it much harder to remove. If you’re not happy with the results, then don’t be afraid to ask for help.

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