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Trained and Experienced Academic Assignment Writing Services in Australia

Accurate and flawless Academic Assignment Writing Services in Australia for students, research professionals, professors, and other individuals associated with any university or academic institution.

Why academic assignment writing is considered as difficult?

Academic writing is often considered to be one of the most difficult forms of comprehensive tasks to be done at scholarly level by students, professionals, and even scholars. There are a lot of factors that one has to consider to ensure the writing is flawless, without any error, whether it is in the written content or formatting and citation.

Research has to be extensive for academic writing and that is where most people fail to provide appropriate time and dedicate themselves to make their writing readable, understandable, and noteworthy. Although academic writing does not involve inclusion of latest trends in technology or any other domain information, it is completely based on the extent of research.

As it is so cumbersome and confusing, our company extends help for assignment writing service in academic department for both schools and universities. We have formed a team of strong and experienced writers who understands the various aspects of academic writing, the extent of research needs to be done based on the topic given, the citations to be included in the content, and so on.

Services we offer for academic writing


Academic writing

We offered essay writing assignment help to students and scholars studying in various academic organizations and institutions across Australia. Our company is concerned with pure academic writing with research and citation included. Our professionals have the knowledge about all the three methods of academic writing, or better put the formats like ABA and MLA.

Research consultation

If you do not have ideas about conducting research work for academic writing or have become overwhelmed with the amount an extent of efforts needed for research, do reach out to our professionals. They are experienced in conducting research work on various topics concerning academic writing. You can consult them to understand the tricks of doing proper research and finding the topics that can be included in the writing to make it more relevant with the given topic.

Thesis work

We also work on thesis and research papers for students pursuing doctorate courses in Australian and overseas universities. Academic assignment writing for research scholars requires extensive effort because it needs to be appropriate and to the point, without any fluff or misleading information. That’s why we are always extra cautious while handling projects that involve thesis work.

Proofreading with editorial work

If you have already completed your academic writing but still want professional input on it, you can reach out to our editor. The team will help in proofreading the entire assignment and finding the loopholes and flaws that can be improved to ensure you get the best score that you are looking for. If the assignment needs major editorial work, we will notify you of the same so that you can assess and decide if we can continue with our editing work.

For proper content production, checking the grammar and reducing errors is the first step. So, before publishing any work, proofreading is a crucial step that comes just before that, where one has to fix many elements, like formatting errors, typos, punctuation/grammar errors, and data inconsistencies.

Indeed, this is highly important for any online article, job application, academic paper, or printed flyer. For the best help with proofreading services Australia, turn to Extra Assignment Help.

Understanding the difference between editing and proofreading

Both proofreading and editing Services in Australia are vital parts of the content correction process but have different purposes. Editing covers changing the language, structure, and topic details while preparing content. On the other hand, proofreading involves the last-minute checking of errors and minor mistakes in the content before accepting a project as suitable for publication.

We at ExtraAssignmentHelp provide support on both parameters, so you can rely on our experts for these services. For proofreading, which is the last stage of the overall editing process, we will check your material for remaining errors like wrong punctuation, misspelled words, and inconsistent styling errors. For clients who want printed work, we also evaluate the format of the paper, like line spacing.

Choose the best proofreading service


The best published or shared materials have good grammar, meaningful content, and a harmonious flow. For checking that, you can take our help for the best proofreading services Australia offers. We offer many benefits to our clients in this regard.

1.   Editing and proofreading support

The team at Extra Assignment Help supports with both editing and proofreading services Australia-based curriculum and globally acceptable standards. We help our clients perfect their text by thoroughly checking their content from the structural point of view to the content itself.

Our proofreaders check the complete documents for any grammatical errors, inconsistent or factually inaccurate sentences, and overly complex paragraphs. We simplify the content and optimize sections that need improvement, depending on the content, and offer better quality material back.

2.   Specialized training

The team at ExtraAssignmentHelp are experts in their career path with proofreading and editing services. Different types of papers, like Ph.D. dissertations and literary pieces, or even school-level academic papers, follow distinctive patterns. Our experts know these differences and are trained in formatting all types. They have professional training and practical experience to give adequate support here.

3.   Finished within deadlines

Some clients need help with their work submission within a strict deadline. For that, we prioritize timely submission as a philosophy with our services. We cover different editing processes throughout the writing period and leave enough time for extensive proofreading. Then, we submit it within the set deadline.

4.   Budget-friendly services

Instead of charging exorbitant amounts for the services, our team focuses on optimizing the payment plans based on the needs of our clients. We offer our clients cost-friendly plans for proofreading services suitable for most people with limited funding.

5.   Multiple services under the editing sphere

Our team offers high-quality support with content editing and proofreading, but we also cover other services. You can take our help for professional-level academic writing, offline/online quiz preparation, and even research work for high-level dissertations and thesis preparation.


Need the best proofreading service for your assignments, thesis, or professional write-ups? Count on us for the best services, and reach out anytime!

Citation audits and corrections

We also run audits on citations involved in academic writing, ensuring our work is completely flawless and at part with the guidelines of your institution.

If you are looking for the best academic and research-based report writing service in Australia, do not look any further and reach out to Extra Assignment Help at the earliest.

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