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Tp Link AC1750 Extender 5GHz Not Working? Quick Keys To Fix It!

If you buy a new Tp-link ac1750 wifi range extender to extend the router’s range. Then, you have to perform the extender setup with the router. Is the range extender setup necessary? Yes, the range extender setup is most important to improve the router’s range. The tp link ac1750 extender boosts the internet connection as well as Wi-Fi coverage. It offers a Wi-Fi range of up to 2000 square feet. This extender permits the network connectivity for up to 32 devices. The tp-link range extender is completely compatible with any gateway, access point, & even router. The wireless transmission speed of this range extender is very high & superior to the traditional router. 

The tp-link WiFi range extender is thoroughly designed to eliminate or kill the WiFi dead zone. Then, you can surely enjoy a lag-free internet connection in all corners of your house. If you wish to improve the Wi-Fi range of your router with tp link ac1750 wifi range extender re450, then you have to perform the setup. The WPS button is available on the range extender that thoroughly permits to do the extender wireless setup. 

Why is the 5GHz network important for the Tp Link AC1750 Extender?

The tp-link ac1750 wireless range extender works with a dual-band network. In the dual-band network, the 2.4GHz & 5GHz network is available. The 2.4GHz network is completely expanding the network coverage. Through this network, you are able to get the WI-Fi network in all areas of your home. Moreover, this network only delivers a 450Mbps Wi-Fi range. 

But the 5GHz network of the dual-band network is more stronger & capable than the 2.4GHz network. This network offers 3times faster transmission speed. In the 5GHz network, the 1300 Mbps Wi-Fi range is available. Then, you are able to enjoy the fastest downloading, online gaming, & streaming videos with this network. Thus, to enjoy the fastest Wi-Fi speed around the home, the 5GHz network is important. 

Causes: Tp Link AC1750 Extender 5GHz Not Working

The tp-link ac1750 extender works with the re450 5GHz network. This network gives better wireless transmission speed. But unfortunately, the 5GHz network is not working, which is why people are facing the problem of the Wi-Fi range. Before solving the problem it is important to know why the problem occurs.

  • Unstable WI-Fi network
  • Configure the wrong wireless channel
  • Outdated extender’s firmware version
  • Standard router not compatible with 5GHz network
  • Improper configure the router setting 

Troubleshooting keys: Tp Link AC1750 Extender 5GHz Not Working

If the 5GHz network is not working, then you can simply resolve the issue through the given-below troubleshooting steps. These steps completely explain how to resolve the 5GHz not working issue. 

Verify router compatibility with 5GHz network

To resolve the issue, we recommend you will need to check the router compatibility with the 5GHz network. To check the router compatibility, you should get the router login admin panel. With the default login IP, you can surely approach the extender’s login panel. Then, you have to fill up the login credentials & click the login section. Now, you have to reach the web management page. You have to select the wireless setting on the web management page. Under this setting, you will be able to check the router compatibility. 

Change the wireless channel

Another solution is, you need to change the wireless channel. To change the wireless channel, firstly you have to access the login panel. By using the default login IP, you will be able to approach the login panel. Now, its terms, you have to mention the tplinkrepeater default password on the available password section & login to the account. You have to choose the wireless option, &  then click the wireless network(5GHz a/n) section. Under this section, you will find the channel option. Now, you are able to change the wireless channel. 

Restart the tp-link range extender

To resolve the 5GHz network issue, the optimum solution is to restart the range extender. For this, you have to unplug from the power supply. If any cable is attached to the extender, you will need to disconnect it. You should leave the extender like this for a while. Afterward, you need to plug the extender from the power supply, again. 

Tp-link ac1750 extender reset 

If even restarting the extender does not fix the problem, then you can reset the extender. To reset the range extender, you have to utilize the small pin. Then, you need to push the extender’s reset button with a small pin. After that, the range extender will be reset, & you need to set up the extender again. 

How To Do Wavlink WiFi Extender Setup Without WPS button?

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