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Top Content Marketing Ideas in 2022

Top Content Marketing Ideas in 2022

Top Content Marketing Ideas in 2022. 2022 has afforded marketers an abundance of channels and platforms to promote content marketing.

In addition to blogging and video, there are a number of other ways to generate and share material. Marketers are left wondering how to focus their efforts for maximum impact on Content Marketing Ideas.

To compile them all, I asked 14 of my content marketing colleagues at HubSpot for their best tips on how to succeed in their respective fields.

Here are 14 marketing recommendations from HubSpot professionals on podcasting, blogging, CRO, video marketing, content planning, and more ideas.


Top Content Marketing Ideas from HubSpot

Here are 14 Content Marketing Ideas from HubSpot’s content gurus. A pleasant reminder that you set your expectation meters at high.


  • Set Your Standards High on Content Marketing Ideas

As a content manager of HubSpot, Lisa Toner recommends holding your staff accountable to greater standards.

It’s not ready to publish if the creators aren’t delighted to see their name on it, she says. »

“Ask your team: ‘How proud are you of this content?”

“A 10 a ready one.” Getting honest, actionable feedback takes less time.

Finding “creators that are passionate about delivering excellent value to the customer” is also important, Lisa says.


  • Follow Google Trends

Stay Up to date and follow Google Trends for Content Marketing Ideas.

Google is continually upgrading its algorithm and SERP features, keeping SEO professionals on their toes. Google Trends, a free tool, allows marketers to keep track of what consumers are searching for, according to Amanda Kopen of HubSpot. This data can help you determine what keywords to target.

“Use Google Trends to see which search terms are trending. Watch out for the People Also Ask boxes on Google’s SERP. This can help you undertake basic keyword research for your company’s content.”

A person searching for a term may also search for the People Also Ask (PAA) boxes. This feature tends to score high on SERPs, therefore gaining placement in one can enhance your effective ranking for your website’s pages.

Stay Up to date and follow Google Trends for Content Marketing Ideas
Stay Up to date and follow Google Trends for Content Marketing Ideas.


  • Increase non-organic traffic sources

Organic traffic makes up the majority of our website traffic. As a result, Senior Marketing Manager Pamela Bump and her team built a comprehensive non-organic content strategy – one of the top Content Marketing Ideas.

As she points out, “don’t only rely on search result pages for visitors. “Non-organic traffic via email, social media, or other websites may be improved by using expert quotes, original data, trend coverage, links to related industry news, or real-world examples of what you’re addressing.

According to her, even without prioritizing SEO with this material, you may still get organic benefits.

During the epidemic, some of the content teams found this method quite useful. Providing readers with more current and relevant data and information became a proven technique for HubSpot to increase blog traffic when search intent is altered.


  • Consider the big picture

“To develop material that resonates, you need to think beyond the box,” explains Content Team Manager Carly Williams.

In times of uncertainty, great content creators contribute value to the conversation by addressing real-time requirements with understanding and empathy.

To acquire a better perspective, Carly advises content creators to “zoom out.” Consider your role in your business, but also consider the social, economic, and political climate in your location. How that may affect your Content Marketing Ideas.


  • Know your goals’ “why”

There’s no point in writing content unless it helps you achieve a specific business goal. Whether it’s traffic, engagement, or money, goals should be the driving force behind everything you develop.

According to Growth Marketer Brandon Sanders, “Before you set any targets or track any KPIs, you need to understand why you’re doing it.” When you understand your “why,” it is easier to measure performance and build a strategy.

“Are you trying to get more people to talk about you, your brand, or your business?” he asks. Your “why” will help you figure out which KPIs are important to keep track of your progress.


  • Untouchable historical optimization

The process of examining and upgrading current content with new and relevant information is known as historical optimization.

Content is easy to generate, watch soar, assume it’s fantastic, and move on to the next job. This content generation methodology may result in a loss of organic traffic and conversions for your best-performing content.

Here comes historical optimization. Amanda Sellers, manager of HubSpot’s Historical Optimization Team, highlights the various advantages.

“Over time, even your most popular blog entries’ organic traffic performance might deteriorate – sometimes as fast as six months after publication!” she explains. “This is because fresh, more competitive material is published on a daily basis and may appear on the SERPs, displacing your pieces. With this in mind, incorporate re-optimization of your existing library into your content repurposing strategy to ensure the health of your organic channel.”


  • Learn to manage Content Marketing Ideas better

Content, especially collaborative content, must be planned and handled properly. Project management abilities include communicating goals, setting quality standards, and adhering to timeframes.

Charlene Strain, HubSpot’s Marketing Manager for Co-marketing & Partnerships, emphasizes the critical nature of this ability – especially when collaborating with external partners. There are a lot of different people and businesses that you’ll be working with, so it’s important to improve your project management skills.

Strain suggests that before anything is created, an agreement on responsibilities and project scope be documented to ensure that everyone understands who is responsible for which aspects of the assignment. These are things that “can improve the operational and strategic sides of partner communications and content creation.”


  • Join the product team

While not all of your material should directly advertise your products or services, maintaining connections with your product team will help you mention your brand appropriately and convincingly when the time comes.

For Kristen Baker, HubSpot’s Product Content Blogger, tying content to a product or service is an efficient way to drive traffic, brand awareness, and sales.

This alignment can take several forms, depending on the needs and availability of both teams.

  1. Creating a Slack channel for conversation.
  2. Monthly in-person or Zoom catch-up on new initiatives.
  3. Each team should have an SLA and a point of contact.

However, these references must be contextually suitable. If mentioning your product isn’t necessary, don’t mention it.

In order to build your brand as an industry thought leader, and to demonstrate to your audience how your product alleviates their pain points, you must naturally include relevant information about your product’s features and the types of difficulties it addresses.” For both education and promotion, it’s a win-win situation.


  • Content Marketing Ideas with Creative Assets

We all know the value of carefully promoting content, but Jennifer Kim, HubSpot’s Social Community Manager, advocates being creative.

The easiest way to find out what your audience likes is to experiment with different sorts of content. “It also diversifies your promotions,” she adds.

You’ll progressively learn what types of creative materials your audience responds to – especially across channels. For example, infographics may perform well in emails but not on social media, where video may be preferred. Get imaginative and see what works.


  • Advertise in a relevant context

Alanah Joseph, Senior Marketing Manager, HubSpot’s Podcast Network, taught us this Content Marketing Idea. The network has several shows, each with a different host. An alternative to pre-recorded ads or giving presenters scripts, Alanah works with them to advertise more naturally.

Her job at the HubSpot Podcast Network includes delivering personalized adverts to each episode. A sincere collaboration with the creator produces the best advertising. Finding creators who truly understand your brand’s beliefs is easy. Give the creative room to express their personality and flair in the ad. Let content producers do what they do best.

It also refers to the broader requirement for advertising and promotion strategy. How carefully do you choose blog call-to-actions or target your Facebook ad audience? Consciousness about your commercials, how they look and sound, and who sees them enhances the likelihood of a great ROI.


  • A comprehensive video strategy

As stated earlier, video is the most popular content marketing format. Does your video approach work?

In response to the pandemic, customers have flocked to sites “like Instagram, TikTok, and streaming services like Netflix and Hulu,” says Nelson Chacon, HubSpot’s Principal YouTube Strategist.

This trend brings up more opportunities to create and share videos about your organization as well as industry trends. “Having explanation videos or popular FAQ videos that can support your customer service department is a fantastic idea,” Nelson advises.


  • Cross-promotion can help you increase the number of people who see your content

As HubSpot’s Team Manager for Social Media Strategy & Operations, Jennifer Brault emphasizes the necessity of promoting your best content across all potential channels Otherwise, you risk missing out on a relevant audience.

Make sure your material is cross-promotional. “Can you put a YouTube video on a related blog post? What important advice can you grab from a blog article for a podcast interview, Instagram multi-post, or LinkedIn PDF?”

Jennifer advises thinking about cross-promotion early on in the planning process. That way, you can tailor it to better match up with the channels that will give you more reach, she explains.


  • Make your writing easy to scan

Breaking up large text blocks in your blog posts makes content more digestible, consumable, and (ultimately) actionable.

Caroline Forsey, Senior Content Strategist and former Editor of HubSpot’s Marketing Blog learned this the hard way. “Make sure that your information is easy to read and understand,” she tells you to do. Make content easy to find for your readers by utilizing visual cues like as drawings, bullet points, lists, and other short paragraph formats.

You risk losing a visitor – even one who may convert and become a customer – if your content is difficult to read or navigate. Sending out a poll to your audience or even conducting formal UX testing can help you quickly uncover methods to improve your content’s appeal.


  • Create your own set of best Content Marketing Idea practices

So you’re here to learn about best practices for your firm. While it’s fantastic to get Content Marketing Ideas from other content teams and test them out at your company, you shouldn’t accept them without proving they work for your audience.

In her blog post, Rebecca Hinton urges marketers to “be careful of conversion rate optimization ‘best practices.’”

Why does one website work for one audience but not for another? Check your metrics often after testing or introducing a new website feature to ensure it doesn’t affect any of your website’s essential performance metrics.


Which Content Marketing Ideas will you use for yourself?

Here we have discussed the top Content Marketing Ideas for 2022. Here are 14 expert content marketing techniques to help you better plan, create, promote, and analyze your content. We hope you can utilize some or all of this advice in your organization.

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