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Top attractive things to do in Las Vegas

The name of this desert city is synonymous with adrenaline and fun. The Strip, a famous resort-lined strip, glitters with lights and replicas of opulent landmarks from cities throughout the world. Numerous hotels offer free street side performances, ranging from dancing fountains to erupting volcanoes. And many of them are attractions unto themselves. In addition, there are interesting museums and an impressive roster of shows. A helicopter ride will take you to the Grand Canyon. The hills and mountains that surround Vegas offer a variety of outdoor recreation options. Including boating, skiing, hiking, and camping. If you are coming here from Chicago, then search on websites like VootFly for ”Chicago to Vegas flights.” It will take you to Sin City to explore the fascinating attractions for which it is popular.

Best time to visit this city:

All seasons are excellent for traveling to Las Vegas. In the summer, when temperatures can soar above 104 degrees Fahrenheit, hotel pools play a significant role in daytime activities. The cooler winter temperatures are pleasant for sightseeing in Vegas. With the list of the greatest attractions, you can organize your trip and make the most of your time.

Taking Chicago to Las Vegas flights with an OTA:

As previously mentioned, VootFly offers flights if you’re thinking about flying out of Chicago. Numerous discounts on flights to Vegas are available on VootFly and other OTAs channels. This covers last-minute offers as well as direct flights from Chicago to Las Vegas. Compare the airfare cost of your flight on such platforms so that you can book the cheapest one.

Attractive things to do in Sin City:


1. Stroll at The Strip

From the Mandalay Bay Hotel to the Treasure Island Hotel, there is a 2.5-mile stretch of the Vegas Strip. When most people think of this city, they imagine a strip lined with enormous entertainment palaces. Many of these were constructed with a distinctive theme and contain performance spaces, opulent hotel rooms, and fine dining establishments. A must-do in Las Vegas is to stroll around the Strip and take in the sights. It is breathtaking to see the city at night. This is because it is lit up by an endless row of shimmering neon signs. The sensory feast in this place never ends.

2. Experience the Fremont Street

Fremont Street in the historic part of Las Vegas is a pedestrian-only area featuring a variety of unusual sights. A canopy of LED lights spans five blocks of Fremont Street. It illuminates the sky in a spectacular display of hues and patterns as you stroll below. This street has great music and visual performance that happens every night overhead. In this location, street performers and special entertainment act frequently hold outdoor performances. A few miles from the Strip, Fremont Street is in the heart of Sin City.

3. Venetian Hotel and Gondola Rides

Across from Treasure Island on the Strip sits the Venetian Hotel. It is one of the best resorts in the city and is home to a variety of intriguing tourist attractions. A themed shopping complex with blue skies, canals, and gondoliers was created inside to replicate the city of Venice. Along with many other replicas, the hotel offers recreations of several of Venice’s most famous landmarks. This makes up the Rialto Bridge and the Bridge of Sighs. A nice way to see the property is to take the Venetian Gondola Rides. Boats are waiting for passengers outside the Venetian Hotel, close to the sidewalk. The affable gondolier will then take you on a ride through the hotel’s shopping arcade while singing.

4. Las Vegas Night tour on Open Big Bus 

The vibrant neon lights that make Las Vegas so well-known come to life as darkness settles over the city. Enjoy the famed Strip’s dancing fountains and erupting volcanoes. As the trip enters the center of downtown, it takes you through casinos, wedding chapels, and historical sites. Walking down Fremont Street, you might decide to embark on an adventure with your tour guide. You will view attractions like a 61-pound golden nugget during the tour! After a quick walking tour with a guide, you’ll be able to enjoy all that downtown has to offer. This includes live performances, street performers, costumed performers, and of course many other things the nearby area has to offer.

5. Take yourself to the Peppermill

Las Vegas isn’t truly Las Vegas if you haven’t been to Peppermill. The first floor of the structure is a 24-hour café with velvet booths. It greets customers with hefty platters of eggs and hash browns and heaping fruit plates. The Fireside Lounge is in the back half of the space. It is a stunning throwback to the era when disco ruled the dance floor. It has false plants and mirrors everywhere and is completely lit by black light. As you order nachos and the renowned 64oz Scorpion Bowl, gather around a warm fire pit.

6. Experience the High Roller Observation Wheel

In the center of the city is the biggest observation wheel in the world. Take a slow-motion spin 550 feet above the Vegas Strip for unrivaled vistas of the cityscape and the surrounding desert. It takes 30 minutes to complete one loop. Furthermore, booking the Happy Half Hour and enjoying an open bar will truly elevate it to the next level.

7. Visit the Lake Las Vegas

Lake Las Vegas is a vast complex with hotels, golf courses, and waterfront eateries. It is about 16 miles east of the Strip. For standup paddle boarding activities as well as kayaking, fly boarding, and rowing, the lake is serene and welcoming. From spring through fall, enjoy musical performances while lounging on the grass after a yacht trip or dragon boat race.

Last Lines:

Las Vegas is a big city where you may do a lot of things. But we have only mentioned seven of them that you can put on high priority. All you need now is to research a good airline to fly here immediately. Well, you may check Frontier Airlines Reservations website in case you want to get the lowest airfare from Chicago. Or head towards an OTA to compare several airlines’ airfares.


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