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Top 9 Tips for Getting Your First 100 YouTube Subscribers

Top 9 Tips for Getting Your First 100 YouTube Subscribers: I was apprehensive initially when I was first persuaded by my husband to create a YouTube channel. It took me several months before I could wrap my brain around it, write my first video and upload it. 

But since then, I’ve been posting two videos per week. I also racked up one hundred new subscribers in 3 months! Check out these tips to start your journey and keep going!

How Can You Get More Subscribers on YouTube?

1. Start!

It’s important! Start! It’s not possible to do anything until you begin. Don’t think too much about it or over-prepare. Do some research, enough to get you started, and simply go for it and do it. 

Don’t be hung up on being a novice because you’re a beginner! Don’t even think that the most experienced YouTubers do not review their debut video(s) but don’t sigh at the end of the day. 

Of obviously they would! It’s a marathon and not a one-way race and everyone starts at some point. Everyone has been a beginner at some point. Grab the opportunity and take it on! Don’t be afflicted by analysis paralysis.

2. Make It Easy

At first, try to make it easy. It’s already difficult enough to begin so don’t complicate it by attempting to make things more complex. I made my first video with an old camera and needed to transfer the video to my laptop. 

Also, I tried the complicated editing software but became frustrated. I was certain that if this was the thing I needed to accomplish, it would not be a good idea, particularly since I was new to the field. 

I then decided to record and edit the video on my phone using simple software. This lets me edit while on the move if I have the chance and makes it much easier to incorporate this passion into my everyday life. 

As I become more proficient with my equipment, I’ll eventually change my tools and employ more efficient techniques However, until then it’s working for me currently. Evidently, it is because that’s what I’m trying to do.

3. Be Realistic

Do not get involved in YouTube trending hashtags expecting it to be done in a flash. You’ll end up dissatisfied. Like everything else, great things require patience, hard work and dedication. 

This is no exception. If it was easy everyone was doing it. Sure, there are viral videos that pop up occasionally however, it is higher that it won’t happen. 

You’ll need to advertise and network, remain persistent, work hard and produce quality content, and allow time for success to occur. Be sure to keep your expectations under control.

4. Technical Aspect

To start an online channel, you’ll need to be passionate or knowledgeable about the subject you’re covering on your channel. You also need to create videos. It’s often the most enjoyable part, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. 

It is also necessary to discover a method such as marketing, typing, and video editing as well as editing and taking pictures and learning how to make thumbnails, research and networking. 

You’ll need to know the meanings of certain technical terms and how to incorporate those into your video and on your channel. Analytics, transparency, watermark thumbnails, and many more terms will be things you didn’t know you required to know but they’ll play an important to your success.

5. Tell Your Friends

This was a difficult choice for me. I’m an extremely private person by nature, and I am particularly private when it comes to social networks. But at some point, I was forced to share my secrets with those I’m close to. 

I could not promote my video through platforms like Facebook and Twitter without my family and friends being aware first. 

You do not want to hurt the feelings of those who you cherish by not keeping them in the loop on something that’s incredible. I waited for a few months before making the decision to share the news with my closest acquaintances and, after that, I felt more at peace.

In addition, I saw a rise in subscribers, and a handful of people have shared my videos with other people they have met. If you’re ready, and I would suggest earlier rather than later, inform your family and friends!

6. Use Your Social Media

After you’ve told your family and friends that you’ve done so, it’s now legal to share your message via social media, so that your contacts and (hopefully) others outside of your circle will get to the things you’re doing. 

I have a good collection that I call “friends” on Facebook, however, Instagram is just beginning to grow, but I am on both platforms. 

It is possible to utilize other types of social media if you own them. Make use of all the options you wish. It’s the most effective way to be seen until you gain some momentum on YouTube itself.

7. Be Involved With the Community/Network

Create connections with YouTube and join in with them. There are many YouTubers who are just beginning and trying to establish their channels and it’s not a bad idea to solicit help and help others who are in the same process. Doesn’t that make sense what “social networking” is? Use it! 

My channel is focused on beauty and I find it beneficial to see others who have similar interests and take lessons from them, improve my techniques, observing the things that work as well as what don’t. 

I also enjoy commenting, liking and sharing videos I enjoy. Fans will be found by this method because the odds are high that if you are making videos about a particular topic they also watch videos related to the subject. 

If you are a creator of instructional videos on makeup, that person is a fan of videos as well. Inform them that you are there and have an account. Networking is essential in business and this is not any different.

8. Be Consistent

Like everything else you do in life, Hashtags for YouTube shorts is no different. If you’re looking to become successful on YouTube it is essential to be consistent. In the beginning. I only uploaded once per week since I was confident I could manage it consistently once I began. 

Since then, I’ve posted twice per week, and every week. At some point, I’d like to write more often however until I am sure that I’m consistently consistent, I’ll wait. Find out what is effective for you and follow it regularly. 

YouTube wants to know that you’re working to gain and keep users on YouTube and, if you succeed. They win and you also win. Once you’ve expanded your channel and gained numerous subscribers. 

This audience must be assured they can count on your channel to publish videos. It is important to respect the trust they have placed in you and keep it. Always try to share the content that they request you with, and when they’re hoping for they will receive it. This is how they got to know and admire the things you do, to begin with.

9. Have Fun!

If you’re looking to expand your business and possibly become a successful career one day, remember to have fun while in the process. If you want to be successful requires more effort than what most people imagine. 

However, never forget that it should be enjoyable and something that gives satisfaction to you. That is the purpose of starting!

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