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Top 10 Ice Skating Tips for Beginners

Ice Skating Tips

Try these simple ice-skating tips for beginners to avoid embarrassing situations before you step onto the ice, whether you are fearless or nervous.

  1. Don’t look down – Almost everyone starting skating looks at their feet all the time instead of focusing on the direction they’re going. Rather than lowering your head, keep your head up and look forward so you will at least be able to see who or what you are about to collide with.


  1. For new skaters, it’s a good idea to hire skates at most skating centers if you’re just starting. You should, however, buy decent skates if you decide to take up skating and hope they last and fit well as well as provide good support.


  1. Tie your skates correctly – If your skates are tied incorrectly, they will not be the right ones for you. Don’t tighten the skates too much or your feet will most likely go numb. Conversely, too loose skates won’t provide you with adequate ankle support.

4. Start slowly

●      Warm-up

Warming up before any physical activity is always a wise decision.

When they are beginners, people sometimes feel embarrassed doing it, but it is one of the best ways to avoid injury. Make sure to move your back, neck, and shoulders.

●      Check direction and breathe

Keep your cool well before approaching the rink. Start by looking at the fellow skaters. Make a habit of entering the floor in the same way. Before walking onto the ice, take some deep breaths to relax.

  • At first, stay close to the barrier

Hang tight. Stay near the fence at first to feel more secure and to be ready to grab it if necessary.

Get a sense of how the ice feels and just how your physique responds to action.

When you have more courage, try not to grip the barrier. You must discover equilibrium in the absence of it. Simply remain near.


  1. Join skating classes in Dubai – If you want to master the basics, you must take some lessons. Attend a few group lessons at your local rink, which are available to all ages. It will help you to relax on the ice if you have a friend by your side.

Be careful not to lean backward. This may send you hurtling on your backside or worse. Your knees should be bent with your weight forward to avoid this. You can stay balanced by holding your arms out in front of you and opening them wide.


  1. If you start going faster, learn to stop

You’re probably getting momentum and moving a bit quicker at this stage. As a response, you must learn to stop! To come to a complete halt, maintain your legs straight underneath your shoulders, bending your knees, curl the toes of each foot inside (pointing your heels out), and press out on the center of your feet. Do not tilt forwards and maintain your gaze fixed on your destination! Make it a point to rehearse as you will need it. Since you won’t get a chance to consider the different stages of the brakes if you’re about to collide with some other skater. You should make it a reflex.


  1. Glide in the proper direction – Although the path you are riding in may not have been your preference at first, there is typically a directional guideline to maintain on the rink, either counterclockwise or vice versa. If you try to skate the wrong way around the ice court, you could end up injuring others and perhaps yourself.


  1. Using temporary ice rinks – If there isn’t an ice rink in your area, make sure to take advantage of temporary ice rinks if they pop up nearby. If you’re thinking of visiting a temporary ice rink in a major city over Christmas, this is a great time to do so; whether you’ve skated before or not, you’ll have a great time.


  1. Bring your knees together.

This is when things start to get real. LOL.

Even though you don’t have skates, you realize that if you get pushed, bending your knees is much more secure than standing upright. The less your center of mass, the better your balancing and stability. As a result, when sliding, you must bend at the knees, even if just slightly, to maintain your posture. If you feel at ease, try and open your feet while you rebalance your body mass from one leg to the other, pushing and gliding!

  1. Don’t stress too much – if you crash down (and then you will), giggle about that and get up on your skating straight away. Hold yourselves and you’re skating lightly; after all, even the greatest fall once in a while. It’s much more entertaining if you do it with style!

So now you get it: some helpful ice-skating classes in Dubai instructions to get you started. Note that appropriate teaching is essential, particularly if you wish to progress to more difficult skating such as ice dancing, ice hockey, or fast skating. But if you’re skating for enjoyment or even conditioning, make sure you’re having fun on the rink, and ensure you have a nice companion to take down with you.

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