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Top 10 easy ways to make your sofa last longer

You buy an expensive sofa which is utterly comfortable and looks marvellous. Now you would definitely want it to last for quite a number of years. Don’t you? After buying any furniture, it is up to us how we maintain it. Sofas and furniture are something that lasts for over more than 15 to 20 years if maintained well. These are the 10 easy ways to make your sofa last longer:-

  • Tighten the screws:- Loose screws can cause unstable seats which will probably lead them in breaking apart. So grab a screwdriver and tighten it. Don’t do it too hard as that will be bad.
  • Refill the seat cushions:- Eventually, with time, the foam in the cushion seat will break down and make the cushion look saggy. All you have to do to make it look pretty again is refill those cushions. 
  • Cover it up:- Cover your sofa with a soft cotton cloth or linen cloth to keep the quality intact. There are various kinds of sofa covers available in the market with beautiful designs. Get one for your sofa and keep the fabric good as new.
  • Move the sofa carefully:- If you want to move the sofa to some other place, make sure you do not drag or push it. It can ruin the sofa as well as the floor. Ask someone for help to lift it up and move to your desired place.
  • Use appropriate cleaners:- The sofa comes with cleaning codes. Your sofa is suitable for which cleaner, you will come to know through your sofa’s cleaning code. Before cleaning it, make sure you check the code and then clean it. Do not use “all-purpose cleaner” on your sofa.
  • Avoid Direct Sunlight:- If your sofa is kept somewhere where it gets direct sunlight, move it right now or guard it against direct sunlight. Direct sunlight can damage your sofa. It can ruin the fabric and the wood or any material used.
  • Set house rules:- If you have kids in your house, set some rules for using the sofa. Like – no eating on the sofa, no jumping on it or throwing cushions here and there. These may lead you to get stains and probably your sofa can collapse in no time.
  • Paint or Refinish:- To maintain your sofa’s glam, don’t forget to paint it. The painting will not only keep the glamour, it also keeps the insects away from those who destroy the wood of the sofa.
  • Protect from water stains:- Make sure you do not place beverages on your wooden sofas. It leaves a dark stain on it which makes it look ugly.
  • Add plastic protectors:- If you have pets at your place, they usually scratch the furniture. To protect it from scratches or tearing it up, make sure to place a plastic protector as your saviour. You can get is customised in any colour of your choice. Or you can get a transparent one to give it a chic look.


These are a few of the ways by which you can increase the stability of your sofa. There are a lot more ways in which you can keep your sofa in a great condition. Follow up these and be stress-free.

A minimum range of furniture legitimately costs enough amount so make sure it does not go to waste. Sofas not only maintain your home decor, but house cleaning services in Gurgaon also are an important part of your comfort.

You can not spend your whole day in the bedroom or sitting in a chair. Chilling scenes with your friends and family happens in your living room. Think of that and try to keep your furniture in good condition.

Except for these ways, you can always take help from professionals. There are a lot of companies who make sure your furniture is in good condition.

They are available 24×7 for your help and will get to you anyway, anywhere. These companies have professional workers who have years of years.

If anything goes wrong they are there to help you out. But even that will cost you money. So why don’t take precautions and fix it? If not these companies, you can also reach out to the brand from where you got your furniture or sofa.

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