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Things to do top of the list when you visit Sandhan Valley trek:

Sandhan Valley


The valley is stunning but the rough terrain makes it a great place to hike. The adventure-seekers will love Sandhan Valley in the Sahyadri Mountains. A difficult trip for all definitely gives one an immense sense of satisfaction after having completed the trek. It’s a stunning canyon that is located in the Sahyadri Mountains. It is among the most thrilling and challenging adventures in Sahyadri.

There is more to walking than just walking in the same way, you climb mountains, you relish wildfires, and you stay in a campfire under a night sky. Sandhan is a natural valley. Sandhan natural valley is situated within the forts that comprise AMK. AMK includes Alang, Madan, and Kulang and hence the name AMK.

Location: Samrad village, Ahmednagar district, Maharashtra.This slope measures 200 feet or 200 meters deep with 2 miles in length.
Travel time 5 hour

The difficulty level is medium to difficult

Sandan Valley is located in Bandardara close to Igatpuri. Along with walking, there’s a myriad of other things to explore here, including repeated climbing, rock climbing, and camping. Set up a fire and spend the night in the open air with your acquaintances and it’ll be the most memorable experience to remember throughout your life. The natural canyon that is the Valley is situated between the forts of AMK Alang, Madan, and Kulang. Although the trip is frequented, it is also an undiscovered area that is not explored. If you’re looking to travel off the beaten path and take a less-traveled route, this is the place for you. Make sure to bring your camera to capture great pictures.

If you’re still in possession of the remaining power, you’ll be required to travel up from here to discover three ancient castles in the area – Alang, Madan, and Kulang. But, visiting these castles immediately after your journey can be extremely stress-inducing, so it’s best to hold off for a few days at Bhandardara and then begin the journey all over again.

Another impressive castle located in this region is Ratangad Fort, a central hill. There are many places to visit within Bhandardara along with Umbrella Falls, Kalsubai Peak, and Randha Falls. Also, you should visit Wilson Dam, Arthur Lake and simply stroll in the charming community of Ratanwadi. There is also the option of visiting Igatpuri and visiting Igatpuri and exploring the Myanmar Gate, Ashoka Waterfall, and Thal Ghat and Trangalwadi. They are all picturesque and slow-moving locations and are great spots to have amusement with photography.

Top Places To Visit

Here are some tourist attractions and tourist spots that you could visit on the route to enjoy more and to spare some time.

1. AMK Castles:

Make sure you ascend the steep slopes of the mountain towards the old castles that are located in Alang, Madan, and Kulang. However, if you’re exhausted after your main excursion is sure to get enough rest before heading to the next trip on the following day. A visit to castles will require energy and you’ll require strength for the next adventure.

2. Ratangad Fort:

It is a castle you won’t want to forget. It is not difficult, but it’s not too difficult, so you can make it on exactly the same date as AMK castles. Although it isn’t as grand as the AMK castles AMK it is a great place to learn about the background of the valley, and also to look at the antiquated artifacts which testify to the ancient skills of marble.

3. Nanhe Ghat Waterfalls:

The waterfall is located only a few miles from the campsite and you should make sure to travel to Ratanawadi to view this. It’s enjoyable to take an afternoon picnic by this gorgeous flowing waterfall and to go into the pool that is a part of it. Keep an eye on your possessions constantly and make sure to click on the photos,

4. Tourist Attractions of Bhandartara:

Take a trip to the stunning waterfalls of Bhandardara including Umbrella Falls, Kalsubai Peak, Randha Fall and visit Wilson Dam, Arthur Lake and wander around the picturesque community of Ratanwadi.

5. Igatpuri Attractions:

Take a trip towards Igatpuri which is only a couple of hours away. Visit Myanmar Gate, Trangalwadi, Ashoka Waterfall, and Thal Ghat.



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