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Things To Borrow From Your Grandma’s Closet

Most women’s journey through the volatile world of fashion trends concludes with them developing a personal sense of style that best suits their individuality and taste. Some people reach this age in their late teens, while others reach it in their thirties. Others may need a little more time to figure out their personal style preferences. But the truth always wins. The final destination of this journey is your own distinct appearance.
But the real question is where this journey begins. Does it start from the thought of things to borrow from your grandma’s closet?

Many Indian women would argue that the discovery of maroon lipstick in their grandmother’s makeup case while playing around was the beginning of their fashion journey, which gave them a sense of joy they had never felt before. Most young girls spend countless hours digging through their mother’s or grandmother’s closets, searching for the fashion relics they come across and trying on everything they find with childlike wonder. As they say, the rest is history.

So, as adult women, why should we stop wearing our vintage fashion finds? While our fashion tastes have evolved significantly, there is no denying that wearing your Dadi’s gold Polki necklace still has an instant classic appeal. And now we present you with this guide!

Let us tell you about the priceless items in your grandmother’s closet that you can borrow and how to incorporate them into outfits that will work for you in 2023. Are you ready to relive your humble beginnings in fashion? Let’s get started.

Dupattas that are timeless

This is the time to put on any fancy dupatta that your grandmother may have stashed away in her closet. A vibrant Phulkari chunni looks great with an all-black suit, a traditional embroidered dupatta with a short Kurti and jeans, a banarasi dupatta to dress up any plain kurta set, and a Chanderi silk dupatta with a solid-colored Anarkali.


Every girl needs a pair of hoop earrings to fall back on because they never really went out of style. However, for the 2023 hoop trend, the classic jewelry has grown in size and been embellished with some unusual patterns, designs, and accents. Fortunately, there are numerous options for this vintage fashion accessory in terms of both what to choose and how to wear it. So go wild with your favorite hoop earrings, which are in full swing this year in all of the high-street fashion stores.

Cardigans with Button-Down Fronts

We adore the good grandma trend without a doubt. Grandma dressing is having a major moment on Instagram, with fashion models wearing outfits that appear to be straight from their grandmothers’ closets. Cardigans, the coziest of all grandma fashions, are the focus of this article. Cardigans are popular among fashionistas because they provide a plethora of styling options, whether they’re chunky cable-knit sweaters or sweet knit with floral embroidery and appliqués. They are an obvious fall staple because they are both fashionable and functional layering pieces.

Beautiful lace gown

Retro fashion trends have a habit of reappearing when you least expect it. I mean, just a year or two ago, fashionistas were obsessed with finding the perfect bodycon dress, and now our attention has shifted to vintage lace dresses. Phew! Despite the difficulties, we will continue to follow! We are all aware of how popular some clothing trends from previous decades have become today, and lovely lace dresses are no exception.

Wristwatch in Vintage Gold

Your grandmother’s antique gold analog wristwatch will always be a timeless classic in this digital age. And you’re perfectly entitled to feel that way. This invaluable accessory can be worn with almost any outfit and still steal the show!

Vintage Jewelry

Let’s be honest here, ladies. Our jewelry collection will never come close to that of our grandmother. So let us concede that point and make use of her exquisite ornaments on occasion! Whether it’s a Thewa choker, a pair of gorgeous Meenakari bangles, a Kundan necklace, or some lovely Jadau earrings, your grandmother’s closet is a hidden treasure trove of timeless antique jewelry.

Heirloom Sarees (eg. banarasi, Bandhani, Leheriya)

This one probably doesn’t require any further explanation. When you’re having trouble shopping, it’s common to use your mother’s or grandmother’s saree as a powerful fashion statement. Whether it’s the evergreen banarasi saree or the traditional Bandhani and Leheriya saree, they’ve served our grandmother’s fashion quotient for years. To add 2023 flair to your outfit, tuck in a striking metallic belt, an eccentric cape top, or an off-the-shoulder blouse. You can also use modern draping techniques, such as the popular pant saree or the eccentric dhoti style to make it fit the present fashion scene.

Blouses from the past

Her understated blouses will always be objects of extraordinary beauty, dripping with elegant vintage style and eccentric simplicity. Let us know how you plan to wear them in the year 2023.


To think about it, the resurgence of vintage fashion trends has given these forgotten treasures from our grandmother’s closet a new lease on life, allowing them to shine even brighter than before. So, let’s get our hands on one of these timeless items from our grandma’s closet and put it to use in 2023. Some items from your grandmother’s collection must have struck a chord with you as you read this. It’s time to pull them out and tell us how you intend to incorporate them into your style with a tangy twist. Simply go insane with the mix and match.

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