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The Types of UPS Maintenance

What exactly is meant by the term “maintenance” when referring to an uninterruptible power supply (UPS)? For the uninterrupted operation of the equipment and the safety of the sensitive electronic components, requires preventative maintenance for the uninterruptible power supply (UPS). Providing the best products and services is what we do at APC Smart UPS.

The UPS provides the different connected devices with regular power supply without any type of variation. Thus, protecting all critical equipment, avoiding significant losses. However, it is the UPS itself that receives all disturbances from the electrical network.

To guarantee the correct operation of the UPS and that it is 100% operational for protection and that its operation is also optimal, the UPSs require a periodic maintenance and assistance service.

How Often Should I Check My UPS?

From the commissioning of the equipment, an annual review must be carried out and from the third year from the installation of the UPS, the equipment will require greater attention, with two annual reviews being carried out.

UPS Equipment Maintenance Service

The UPS equipment maintenance service allows us to know exactly if the system is completely reliable and is working correctly through a test protocol, with which we can know the degree of deterioration of its elements and the forecast for the replacement of its components.

Preventive Maintenance for Reliability And Useful Life

With preventive maintenance it allows us to maintain the reliability and useful life of the UPS, it also allows us to verify that:

  • The batteries are working fine.
  • The AC and DC capacitors are correct.
  • The UPS ventilation and turbine systems are working.
  • The data recording is correct and the surveillance systems work.

To meet these objectives, has a preventive maintenance service, where we keep your UPS operational and with an optimal level of efficiency by making periodic visits. In addition, the technical team is specialized in electrical continuity solutions, which offers a fast and professional service for installations, maintenance or possible incidents that may occur

Solutions From Engineers

In addition, we have licensed Engineers that capable of delivering first-rate services and supplying you with extensive solutions.

There are several solutions available, including:

Preventive Upkeep and Repairs

During this UPS maintenance, a review of the working parameters of the equipment, a measurement of the batteries, general cleaning, and the setup of the UPS are all carried out. This service is all that requires to prevent your equipment from deteriorating to the point where it no longer functions correctly and to identify potential growth opportunities for your equipment.

Corrective Maintenance

When your UPS stops performing properly or starts sounding warnings about a certain state, you will need to perform this maintenance on it. During the course of this service, we will determine the reason why your equipment has ceased functioning properly. And we will inform you of the replacement components or adjustments that are necessary to get your UPS back up and running.

Technical support We have a team of trained Engineers eager to serve you by phone 24 hours a day. of the day, which will advise you to solve your problems with your support staff. of the day, which will answer any questions you have about our products.

In the case that the advice is not sufficient to clear up any questions or concerns you may have, an appointment has been set up for them to come and inspect your facilities.

Different Kinds Of Upkeep That A Ups Requires


Different kinds of upkeep for a backup power supply’s battery

Carry out this servicing until the UPS or a trained professional determines that it is essential to change the batteries. If one of these events occurs, will then replace the batteries. After I’ve made the adjustment, I will also perform the following steps: a measurement of the battery, a general cleaning, and the setup of the battery bus.

Establish As Functional

Completing the Commissioning prior to power the uninterruptible power supply (UPS) on for the first time. During this service, it will be verified that the electrical installation is suitable for the equipment, and that all of the necessary adjustments will be made to the equipment’s settings so that it will function appropriately.

Installation Of Electrical Wiring

Customers who like to have their UPS equipment electrically installed by specialists in accordance with APC instructions can take advantage of this service, which we offer by APC. A prior visit  require in order to specify which elements currently exist on the site and to decide which ones are lacking.

In addition to ensuring that your uninterruptible power supply (UPS) operates at its most efficient level, having an electrical system that is up to code complies with both national and international safety regulations.

Training We are qualified to instruct your personnel on the proper usage and operation of your backup equipment, therefore ensuring that your uninterruptible power supply (UPS) or emergency plant will function to its full potential.

Different Kinds of Upkeep That An Ups Requires

Review and diagnosis are the two primary types of UPS maintenance.

When you bring your equipment to our Service Center, Secure Power Solutions will give you a discount on the cost of the first maintenance check we do on it if you take advantage of this offer.

At our Solutions center, we rely on our attitude, our passion for service, and our respect for one another to prove that we are deserving of your trust so that we can assist you, accompany you, or support you in ensuring the availability of your technology by providing you with alternatives that provide continuous and high-quality energy.

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