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The third-generation elegant watch of the De Ville series is a symbol of Omega replica watches classic design and elegant style

Since its launch in 1994,the De Ville elegant watch has always been a symbol of Omega replica watches classic design and elegant style.

Its simple design has achieved an ingenious balance between traditional watchmaking and modern style.

Watch lovers of all ages.

In 2022,the De Ville series of elegant watches will be fully upgraded,

and all mechanical models will be upgraded to Master Chronometer certification.

At the same time,the new watch adopts rich materials and colors,various dial textures and processing techniques to meet different lifestyles and individual needs.

The History of the De Ville Collection

The name De Ville“De Ville”comes from the Seamaster De Ville(“Seamaster De Ville”),

which is an early formal watch of the sporty Seamaster series.

In 1967,”De Ville”developed into an independent watch series,and the Omega De Ville series watch was officially born,

which has since become a classic representative of Omega watchmaking craftsmanship.

“Omega’s slim work around the wrist.”

This is an advertisement for Omega De Ville watches in the 1960s,

and it is also the best interpretation of the De Ville series of watches.

Its slim design style fully confirms that exquisiteness and elegance are the essence of the De Ville series,

and it has been passed down to this day.

In 1994,the first De Ville Elegant watch came out,named”Elegant”because of its modern design and slim style.

Omega replica watches also introduced a number of iconic design elements for elegant watches,such as:link bracelet,”basin”case,and”three-layer”design where the case is connected to the bezel.

These elements have been used in the evolution of elegant watches for nearly 30 years,including the second generation of Co-Axial watches certified by the Observatory launched in 2012.

Omega replica watches Appreciation of new products

The third-generation De Ville series elegant watches have many surprising details,which are worthy of careful appreciation.

The new watch has a slim appearance,simple and modern style,and is comfortable to wear.

In addition,all mechanical watches have been fully upgraded to Master Chronometer certification,reaching higher standards in the industry in terms of accuracy,anti-magnetic properties and overall performance.

The fully upgraded third-generation elegant watch has launched a variety of styles.

We have selected six watches of different sizes and colors for detailed introduction,allowing watch lovers to appreciate the diverse styles and renewal of new elegant watches.

De Ville Elegant Watch 41mm Dynamic Reserve

The case of this watch is 41 mm and is made of stainless steel.The arched sky blue PVD dial is particularly eye-catching and is one of the new colors launched by the new elegant watch.

The dial adopts Omega replica watches unique double dial treatment process,

and on top of the irregular vertical texture,it also shows the polishing effect of sun rays.

There is a 270°power reserve display at 6 o’clock on the dial,which adopts 4 fan-shaped designs and presents a crescent shape.

The high end replica uhren is equipped with an Omega Master Chronometer movement.

De Ville Prestige Small Seconds 41mm

Omega replica watches

The watch’s streamlined case is crafted from Sedna 18K gold,and the arched blue PVD dial has a sun-rayed finish.

The fake watches has a small seconds dial at 6 o’clock,with a blue leather strap,and an Omega Master Chronometer movement inside.

De Ville Prestige 40 mm

fake watches

This watch inherits the classic appearance of the elegant watch,and the arched silver dial is sandblasted to show a frosty effect.

The case and bracelet of the watch are made of stainless steel-Sedna 18K gold.

The soft and elegant Sedna 18K gold has been fully used in the third generation of elegant watches.

The fake watches is equipped with an Omega Master Chronometer movement.

De Ville Prestige 34 mm

The case of this watch is 34 mm and is made of stainless steel.

The new lavender purple PVD dial is the highlight of this watch.

On top of it,there is also the polishing effect of the sun’s rays.

Brightly colored,this timepiece features alternating Roman numerals and diamond hour markers,a dotted minute circle around the edge of the dial,and a blue shiny leather strap.

De Ville Prestige 30 mm

The case size of this watch is 30 mm,and the overall design is more delicate,yet elegant.

The case is made of stainless steel-yellow 18K gold,the silver dial is sandblasted to show a shimmering frost effect,and the dot minute circle is set on the inside of the hour scale.

De Ville Prestige 27.5 mm

The case of this jewelry watch is 27.5 mm,

the case and bracelet are made of Sedna 18K gold,and the bezel is paved with diamonds,shining and charming.

The watch is paired with a white mother-of-pearl dial to express its natural charm.

The bracelet of the elegant watch is also updated,equipped with a comfortable and easy-to-wear butterfly clasp.

Distinguishing Features

Let us carefully appreciate the remarkable features of the new and upgraded elegant watches.

These details are designed to highlight the extraordinary charm of the De Ville series of elegant watches and bring a new experience to the wearers of the new generation of watches.

Tribute to History

The new fake watches continues the core essence of the De Ville series of elegant watches.

  1. The”three-layer”design(Triple-Apple)is still used on the front of the case,which is a unique design in which the case is connected to the bezel,while the”basin”case presents a soft and slim shape.
  2. The dial is more concise and open,with Roman numeral scales,the time display is clearer.
  3. The popular seven-link polished bracelet is retained.
  4. The classic and timeless appearance is integrated with Omega’s modern watchmaking technology,and the elegant watch can be further upgraded:
  5. Replace the traditional red 18K gold with Sedna 18K gold.
  6. The dial color treatment adopts PVD technology to create rich and diverse aesthetic effects.

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