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The Stages of the Employee Lifecycle Model

Employee lifecycle starts with a planned candidate taking a gander at your job advertisement and go on until the day that employee leaves your company.

The lifecycle includes five stages:

Every one of these stages will have laid out KPIs attached to them that demonstrate the effect in general business and ROI. The employee lifecycle stages are reliant; it’s a slip-up to see each in segregation, which is the reason a comprehensive outline of the whole employee venture helps HR groups to distinguish what they can activity, at which stage, to have the greatest effect.

We should take a gander at the KPIs of each stage and how a lifecycle study program can assist you with making enhancements.


Contemplations here are: time to hire, cost to hire, offer acceptance rate and quality of hire. Were your job advertisements attractive and clear to the point of grabbing the eye and applications of ideal candidates? Did your interview cycle invigorate and reassure incredible candidates so they quickly acknowledged a job offer? You’ll have the option to see if they did by implementing pre-hire surveys and candidate response surveys. To know more consult with HR consultant UAE.


An intriguing hire can jump into a role and deliver from the very beginning. Most new employees need ‘incline time’ to find a good pace and become productive in their job. Clearly, the quicker they can do this, the more profitable it is for your company. A fresh recruit should be quickly drawn in with their job and given compelling training to accomplish this. Onboarding feedback surveys and training surveys give your recently added team members the opportunity to highlight regions that could be moved along.


As the employee develops inside their role, you want to evaluate their productivity, capacity to be a cooperative person and advancement aspirations. 360 Feedback, assembled from an employee’s subordinates, peers and supervisors, also as the actual employee. Moreover, can assist with giving a more full picture of what is going great, and what could get to the next level.


It can cost over £30k to replace an employee: hiring transitory cover staff, publicizing, enrollment, interviewing, even loss of productivity as the employee slows down prior to leaving. It appears to be legit for a company to give its very best for keep hold of existing employees. Effective employee engagement surveys will assist you with checking whether your employees are cheerful and if not, what might be causing dissatisfaction, so you can take more time to rectify it.


Each employee will leave your company at some stage, whether they retire, move to another business or make a life change. You might think the exit stage has no KPIs, yet truth be told it is an ideal chance to figure out why individuals are leaving the association. Leavers might be more real to life about why they’re going as they might feel they should go for broke. The data from exit surveys can assist you with understanding the reasons why individuals leave, empowering you to intervene all the more effectively at the maintenance stage in the lifecycle, or maybe significantly prior, and reduce your staff attrition rate. Additionally, to know more about stages of the employee lifecycle you can contact HR consulting firm UAE.

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