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The Growing Importance of E-commerce

e-commerce platforms

The pandemic has heightened the importance of an already-growing trend of selling goods online. So, how can small and medium businesses learn from the success of the big boys? (e-commerce platforms)

The rise of e-commerce is not a new phenomenon. Amazon, Walmart, Alibaba, and other major competitors have been quickly expanding in recent years.

The COVID-19 epidemic, on the other hand, has hastened the rise of the online shopping convenience movement.

What Impact Has the Pandemic had on Ecommerce? (e-commerce platforms)

Much of the world fell into lockdown in March 2020, forcing many businesses to temporarily close. Although countries are steadily loosening limitations, the future remains unpredictable. Even reopening companies have rules requiring social separation, the wearing of masks, and limiting the number of consumers who can enter a space at one time.

People are increasingly tempted to shop online when traditional shopping becomes challenging, if not downright frightening. The fact that consumers were already enthusiastic about Amazon and other online shops made the shift much easier.

Online revenue climbed by 44 percent in 2020, and by 39 percent in the first quarter of 2021. In the post-quarantine era, there’s a good probability that this trend will continue. Even when brick-and-mortar stores reopen, the benefits of online purchasing will remain. All of this speaks to now is an excellent time to start or expand your e-commerce endeavors.

Ecommerce Growth Factors That Will Continue to Be Positive (e-commerce platforms)

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why people are likely to keep purchasing online.

New buying behaviors have emerged. People’s purchasing habits have changed as a result of quarantine. These tendencies have become imprinted as a result of the situation’s persistence. Customers will undoubtedly venture out more once stores open. This does not, however, imply that they will abandon the somewhat addicting and familiar experience of shopping online.
19 concerns aren’t going away in a day or two. Even once the quarantine is lifted, people will be wary, and many would prefer to shop online from the comfort of their own homes.
The increasing growth of mobile devices has made browsing and shopping online easier than ever before. Customers may place orders with one hand using the gadget that is almost always in their hand or pocket.
Even when some things became rare in physical locations, internet order was an alternative. And items like toilet paper, which had become scarce in physical stores, could be ordered or pre-ordered online.
Since its inception, online buying has been fueled by convenience, variety, and cost savings. As the advantages of e-commerce become more popular and competitive, this trend will accelerate.

Omnichannel Strategies and Their Importance

Your customers will welcome options in how they do business with you, just as we think about omnichannel marketing in terms of consistent digital touchpoints across the web, mobile, email, and more.

While we can talk about in-person retail and internet purchasing as two separate and even competing models, they are increasingly combining. This means that even customers who are devoted to traditional brick-and-mortar retailers will be enticed to conduct more browsing and shopping online. Let’s take a look at a few famous cases.

Amazon, the e-commerce behemoth, has been experimenting with brick-and-mortar retail. Amazon has launched retail sites in Seattle, Los Angeles, Austin, and New York, in addition to purchasing the natural goods brand Whole Foods.

Meanwhile, Walmart, the largest retailer in the United States, is rapidly expanding its online presence. To avoid standing in line, customers can place orders online and pick up their items at the store. At the same time, Alibaba, China’s answer to Amazon, has launched retail locations in the country. Bed Bath and Beyond customers, like Walmart and other retailers such as Target, have the option of shopping in-store or online or combining the two.

Macy’s and Kohl’s are two examples of brick-and-mortar department stores that have found innovative ways to combine online and offline shopping. Macy’s, a well-known retailer whose first stores opened in 1843, now offers an app that enables online shopping, access to purchasing history, order pickup, and more. In-store kiosks at Kohl’s allow customers to check inventory, prices, reviews, and other information. It also allows you to order things that aren’t currently available in a store.

Sephora is known for its advanced technology, which allows clients to see how makeup and beauty treatments would look on them instantly, whether at home or in a store.

Smaller businesses can also provide handy options like online shopping with pick-up in-store. If you run a physical store, bear in mind that merging it with a digital experience can improve the entire experience of both in-store and online transactions. You can make it easy for buyers to do research, verify alternatives and specifications, and anything else relevant online by starting with an easy-to-navigate website.

Take Advantage of Social Media

Customers may engage with you on social media, and you can use it to bridge the gap between online and offline buying.

Advertisements on social media. You may generate visitors to your online store by advertising on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms.
Promote items on Pinterest. Pinterest is one of the best possibilities for selling physical products because many people use the site to get ideas. Pins and boards, as well as advertising on Pinterest, can help you grow your visitors organically.
Engage with your audience. It’s critical to maintain contact with your fans. Keep an eye on your channels and respond to queries and comments as soon as possible.

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