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The “four major mechanical movements” of Seiko fake watches, the gap is really not small!

Everyone knows that the starting price of Swiss entry-level mechanical fake watches is generally a little more expensive. However, the price of Seiko watches is relatively cheap, so it has become the first choice for many first-time mechanical watch players. So how should Seiko watch so many movements be chosen? Let’s talk about this topic today.

With its precise and reliable quartz movement, Japan’s Seiko defeated many Swiss mechanical movements in one fell swoop in the last century, setting off a “quartz storm” in the watch industry. As a representative brand of Japanese watchmaking, Seiko watches are not only famous for their quartz movements, but also for their automatic mechanical movements. Especially in 2017, the high-end series Grand Seiko under Seiko officially became independent, realizing that the two brands of high and low are fighting each other. Since then, Seiko still maintains a consistent cheap pricing strategy. The task of impacting high-end and displaying the top craftsmanship of Japanese watchmaking is entrusted to Grand Seiko. Compared with the public price of Swiss entry-level mechanical watches, the price of Seiko mechanical watches is very affordable, so it has become the first choice for many players who are new to mechanical watches.best fake watches

After Seiko and Grand Seiko separated, the 9S series movement stood out and became exclusive to Grand Seiko.

At present, the movements carried by Seiko replica watches cheap can be roughly divided into three categories: “low, medium and high”. It should be noted that Seiko’s naming of the movement does not use numbers to distinguish the positioning. For example, the previous entry-level movement is the 7S series, which starts with the number 7. The price of watches using the 4R movement is also the main range of brand sales. Seiko’s mid-range movement belongs to the 6R series, which complements the shortcomings of the entry-level model in terms of function, and the price is slightly higher, which can fully demonstrate Seiko’s watchmaking philosophy. On the other hand, Seiko also has a high-end model 8L movement, some of which can compete with the Grand Seiko 9S movement.

There are 7S25, 7S26, 7S35, 7S55 and other subdivided models in the 7S series movement, among which 7S26 is the representative. The 7S26 movement has been developed since the 1990s. It adopts an automatic winding structure and has a calendar display function in addition to hours, minutes and seconds. The 7S26 movement has a simple structure and a small number of parts, which is conducive to cost control and maintenance. The vibration frequency of the movement is 21600vph, the number of jewel bearings is 21, and the dynamic storage is 40 hours. The allowable daily error range is -35 to +45 seconds per day.

In addition, the movement is also equipped with Diashock shock absorbers and “magic levers”, which are distinctive. However, no matter 7S26 or 7S36, they have no stop seconds function, and they do not support winding by rotating the crown. After the launch of the 4R movement with more complete functions, the 7S movement has gradually been marginalized, and new products have become less common in recent years.

Let’s take a look at the 4R movement, which is also positioned as an entry-level watch.

Compared with the 7S series, the main difference of the 4R36 movement is the addition of the stop seconds and manual winding functions, which make up for the shortcomings of the function. Since the movement structures of the two are very similar, they are also entry-level.

In the 4R movement family, in addition to the 4R36 movement with the day and date display function,

there are also the 4R35 movement with a single date display and the dynamic storage display model 4R37 and so on. They both have a swing of 21600vph, and the same 40-hour dynamic reserve,

and the number of jewel bearings varies from 23 to 29.

If 7S and 4R are just Seiko’s entry-level movements, then the 6R movement is a watershed. The performance of the 6R movement has been significantly improved.

First, it is equipped with a Spron510 spring, which is made of alloy and has a certain anti-magnetic ability.

The second point is that the running error of the 6R movement is smaller,

and it has a certain decorative polishing,

which can widen the gap with the entry-level movement by virtue of its appearance.

The third point is that the dynamic storage of the 6R15 movement has been increased to 50 hours;

and the 6R35 movement has gone further, with a dynamic storage of 70 hours.

In addition, the 6R series movement also has a model 6R27 with a vibration frequency of 28800vph,

which maintains a 45-hour dynamic storage and adds a dynamic display function.

Next, let’s talk about the 8L movement, which is currently the highest-level movement used in Seiko best fake watches. The daily error range of the 8L movement has reached -10/+15 seconds per day,

which is an outstanding performance among many Seiko movements.

In fact, the 8L35 movement has a certain “blood relationship” with the 9S55 movement used by Grand Seiko,

which can be simply understood as the “simplified version” of 9S55.replica watches cheap

Although the 8L35 movement is not as good as the latter in terms of details and polishing,

both are equally excellent in terms of structure. The 8L movement also has a high-vibration model 8L55,

which has a vibration frequency of 36,000vph under the premise of maintaining a dynamic reserve of 55 hours.

Finally, we briefly summarize the differences of Seiko’s “four major mechanical movements”:

7S series positioning entry, without stop seconds and manual winding functions.

The biggest advantage of this movement is that it is cheap and cost-effective,

and some old models of watches using this movement can still be purchased. The 4R series movement complements the stop seconds and manual winding functions. It can be regarded as an upgraded model of the 7S movement. Except for the lower precision, there are no obvious shortcomings in terms of function. The 6R series movement goes a step further, the relatively delicate polishing widens the gap with the entry-level movement,

and the antimagnetic performance and running accuracy are both improved. The 8L series movement is currently the model with the highest positioning used by Seiko watches,

and it tends to be on par with the 9S movement in many aspects,

demonstrating the strength of Seiko fake watches in the field of self-developed movements.

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