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The best backend development tools to use in 2022

Want to find the best backend tools for your web development project? This list of backend tools that can minimize your development effort.

We have all visited different websites over the years. You have probably read this blog on some websites as well. You may have found some websites that you liked so much because of the design or aesthetics of the website, the format of the content or sometimes even because of the content. But once you start surfing more you realize that all this is waste as nothing works properly on the website or the webpage takes ages to load or redirects you to other pages.

What are you going to do in this situation? Most of us leave the site immediately. They love the website because of the wonderful front-end development. But you lose interest because of the messy backend development. Although the appearance of the website is important, it is also important behind the scenes. Even though frontend development attracts potential users, backend development helps them stay longer on your website and reduces bounce rate. As technologies advance, we have so many options that can help you improve your backend development. To help you with your choice, we have listed the best backend development tools to use in 2022.

What are the best backend tools in 2022?


As one of the most popular PHP development tools, Laravel offers the easiest and most readable syntax for backend development, keeping the entire development team intact and providing the same page with independent migrations from the database.

Laravel is one of the best frameworks to work with for developing websites that require top-notch security as it provides hashed and encrypted passwords that cannot be stored in plain text. Laravel development provides an integrated development environment (IDE) so that web developers never need to install web server on local machine, and this is one of the reasons for the popularity of Laravel.

Ruby on the rails

Ruby on Rails is one of the most useful frameworks to work with if you are just starting your web development journey. Ruby is a programming language that supports open-source framework. The Ruby programming language offers a simple and natural syntax that helps developers reduce coding time.

When it comes to Rails, it offers a huge library of open-source code and extensive support from the large community that helps developers with complex web development projects. With various web developers claiming that Ruby on Rails lags far behind Java or C, it has proven useful to support Airbnb, Groupon, and Sound Cloud.

Zend Framework

Zend, another PHP framework, has already captured the hearts of many top web developers around the world and provides a comprehensive set of PHP packages. It offers around 413 million PHP packages that help backend developers to develop standalone components. It helps in developing object-oriented web applications. Moreover, it supports reusable codes that developers can use to deploy various applications. It has proven itself in many complex projects.


Apache is one of the open-source web server software that powers 46% of websites worldwide. With Apache, you can establish the connection to deliver the files from the client side to the server side. If you think any web server can do this, what’s new about Apache? Well, it supports customization to enable and disable modules as needed. Apache is widely known for its ease of use and customization features. But it has not been faithful enough with high traffic websites. So, if you expect high traffic for your websites, you should choose other options than Apache.


Websites receive a lot of unstructured and complicated data that needs to be sorted properly for websites to work smoothly. MongoDB – a NoSQL database, can handle it for you. MongoDB stores a large amount of unstructured data and returns it sorted. You can store complex structure, define relationships, create hierarchies, and store data in MongoDB. One of the reasons for its popularity is that it sorts data in documents, abandoning traditional methods of sorting in spreadsheets.

They can even provide a personalized user experience by storing and sorting user data such as geographic locations, browsing history, and various other details that the user allows access to.

Stack overflows

Many people don’t consider it an important backend tool, but it can work great if you feel stuck in the development stage. Stack Overflow has the solution for every problem. If you ever feel stuck, you can fix the problem and at least one of the stack overflow community members will provide you with the solution. It may happen that someone else before you have faced the same problem and has the solutions to fix it. You can use that solution before even raising the issue. Even though Stack Overflow is just an ultimate Questions and Answers Site for developers, it is a kindred spirit for several web developers out there.


Web page load time is one of the first things that can impress your target audience. Users always leave websites within seconds if the page takes more than 2 or 3 seconds to load. No matter how many complexes features you offer on your website, you should always test the page load time. With Montis you can test the loading time of your websites. You can enter your website URL in the search bar and the complete overview of the loading time of your website will be displayed. You can even view your website’s load time in different regions of the world.


Maybe you have clear ideas, or you still don’t know which one is best for your next project. We don’t blame you at all. Backend development is not as easy as it sounds. Web developers have a million things to worry about throughout the development process. So that you can leave your confusion to our app developers, we will help you with all backend development. If you are unsure about the best backend tool, you might want to take a look at the best frontend developer tools.

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