The Benefits of Car Detailing

It is a known fact that most people confuse car detailing with car washing or innocently think they are the same. They couldn’t have been more wrong! True, both involve cleaning the car, but they are very different. Look, a car wash only cleans the exterior of your car from dirt, grime, salt and dust. The body and the bottom of the car are cleaned. Cleaning focuses on the “outside” of your car, while the “inside” is hardly cleaned at all. Car detailing involves intensive cleaning processes performed by a trained professional to return your car to factory condition. Auto detailers use special cleaning products and equipment to keep your car looking like new on the inside.

How To Detail A Car?

Individual car details have their own unique processes, but the overall goal remains the same: to completely clean every nook and cranny of your car. Here’s how to do it

 Interior Cleaning

Your detailer’s work is usually focused on the interior of your car, and for good reason. The interior of the car gets some attention when it is cleaned in a regular car wash. Meanwhile, it is undoubtedly the dirtiest part of the car. The detailer will use a combination of specialized equipment, including vacuums, steam cleaners, brushes and more. This helps ensure a complete clean to keep your car looking factory fresh.

Special attention will be paid to the following areas: The trunk, seats and carpets are thoroughly vacuumed to remove dirt and dust particles. Upholstery, carpets and mats are given a deep and thorough scrubbing to remove all traces of dirt, stains and marks.

Your detailer proceeds to wipe down your entire car with special cleaners. Door panels, windows and your dashboard are cleaned to a factory fresh shine. In order to make the interior look good, you can also use a suitable spray. You have the freedom to choose your preferred fragrance or not.

Clean The Outside

While the interior of your car is a priority, the exterior should not be neglected either. Your detailer will deal with all the dirt and grime to keep your car clean. Degreasers and special cleaning agents will remove all traces of dirt from the body of your car. Auto detailer helps you keep your new paint looking fresh.

Little Known Benefits Of Car Detailing

The best way to clean your car is to entrust the job to a professional. The interior of your car falls victim to a lot of dirt, food grease, pet hair, cigarette smoke and more.

Ordinary car washes are not used to thoroughly clean the interior of your car. Only a trained auto detailer can get the best out of your car. Detailing your car has some unique benefits. They contain

1. It’s Healthier For You

Bacteria can affect the air quality in your car, and it’s no news that your car is host to many bacteria from a variety of sources. The average Canadian is known to spend an estimated hour and a half a day in their cars. That’s a lot of time spent in a dangerous environment riding a pathogen. Bacteria love damp, dark places – just like your car’s ventilation system – to grow and multiply.

Every time you turn on your fans, you expose yourself to this potentially polluted air. Experts recommend servicing and replacing the cabin air filter as often as you can. Autodetailer cleans all hard-to-reach places and keeps you healthy.

2. It Helps You Look More Professional

Employers and HR professionals pay attention not only to your work. They get the whole package; including your appearance and the cleanliness of the vehicle. A messy car can present a bad image and create bad impressions. A dirty car is a total turn-off and won’t be denied no matter how you spin it. Cleaning the car in detail will help keep the interior respectably clean, which will earn you points with the boss.

3. Increases The Value Of Your Car

If you want to sell your car, car detailing is inevitable. Buyers are willing to pay more if they believe your car is in good condition. While cleaning the interior helps, cleaning the engine is a surefire way to get bang for your buck. You only need to look at car dealerships to understand why cleaning under the hood is a useful idea.

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