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The Advantages of Doing Business with a Small Studio

Kub is a small but mighty studio located in the heart of Quebec City’s creative district. What does it mean? That our team has only a handful of highly qualified artists with whom you work closely. The size of our team allows us to generate quality beyond our 3D renderings: quality of relationships, quality of the process, and quality of the work environment. So, let’s see the big advantages of working with a small team.


Easy process and collaboration

From the beginning of project web design solutions with Kub Studio until the end, the client has only one interlocutor: the production manager. This quickly becomes an anchor point. No matter where you are in the production pipeline, no matter the needs, the customer always knows who to contact and how. Already there, we avoid the phone game and the loss of information that comes with it.

As the production manager is involved from the first to the last minute, he knows the mandate inside out. The client can therefore trust that his style and requests will follow throughout the process. The larger the studio, the longer the transmission belt between the client and the artists. At Kub Studio, the director acts as the direct contact between the parties.

The two therefore benefit from close collaboration. Messages travel easily, without delay, without loss of integrity. This process creates little red tape. It is this more human than bureaucratic way of doing things that makes it possible to launch and execute a project quickly. Thus, our small (and formidable) team manages to place many projects on its schedule.

Obviously, this well-oiled system works provided you have a good production manager. Ours, like all members of our team, was not chosen at random.

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3D artist

Victor is a real conductor. Its role is to structure projects and distribute them to 3D artists. He also performs follow-ups from start to finish, in addition to ensuring compliance with deadlines and budgets. Thanks to these 5 years of experience at Kub Studio, he has been able to improve project management to make it more efficient.

His greatest strength, however, lies behind his training: Victor is a 3D artist himself! He therefore has practical experience that allows him to accurately assess the time and budget required for a project. Moreover, as he knows the subject well, he knows how to popularize it for the client.

Because we are a small team, he is the only production manager. He therefore tasted projects in all areas. He would be able to recite by heart the questions that come up with all customers, but also the concerns specific to each area of ​​activity. His close work with the artists means that he knows his team like no one else. He knows which designer has the best skills to complete your projects. It’s not bad, knowing that he will always send his best players to your team, isn’t it?

Good web design

After Victor and his conductor’s wand comes Simon and his magic wand! Our Art Director has been with Kub Studio for over 10 years, since adding 3D to our curriculum. His role is to ensure that all images that come out of the studio meet our quality standards. The client’s style is respected, our artistic choices are up to date, the realism is at the highest level. As the production manager, he participated in all kinds of projects. He therefore knows the trends of the various fields.

He is also a 3D artist, his advice to the team is more than fair: it is constructive. He sees what needs to be done to add the little extra to an image, but he also knows how to explain how to do it. Thanks to the human side of our studio, all projects benefit from this expertise. Each image, each animation passes under Simon’s lynx eye. The client can expect consistency and the same rigor in all his projects.


A multidisciplinary team

The size of a team is not everything. It is video animation services combined with its composition that takes on its full meaning. At Kub Studio, the artists all have advanced training in 3D. However, they have developed their expertise in several different fields: cinema, special effects, architecture, video games… They, therefore, have an artistic and technical background of their own.

When challenges arise for the team, the pooling of their know-how quickly leads to creative solutions. It could be much longer and more difficult if they all had the same profile. Because of their close work, there’s no need to wait for a major obstacle to show up in a production meeting: they exchange tips and advice daily. All projects benefit from it.

The number of years of experience is another variable that elevates the team at Kub Studio. If we have artists who have just left school, we also have veterans who have more than ten years behind the tie. Thus, the old formations meet the new; recent and proven techniques coexist; each has something to teach the other and the other.

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