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Steps To Follow While Storing Your RV In The Storage Units

You may have enjoyed a lot of time during the summer season with your RV. After covering a lot of beautiful space, you have to store your RV in the storage unit during the winter season. The snowy winter season can wreak havoc on your RV. Therefore, you should properly store your RV in the right place. Here, in this article, we are going to discuss some tips and tricks to store your RV in the storage units or in RV storage daphne AL:

Wisely Select Storage Units

You should look for the best temporary home for your RV where you can safely store it. It is recommended that you should look for the best temporary home for your expensive vehicle. You should search for reputable RV storage facilities. There are plenty of storage facilities available in the market that offer different types of storage facilities for RVs. If you prefer enhanced safety and security, then you should choose indoor storage units. Indoor climate-controlled storage units can protect your RV from icy cold temperatures. You should find the right storage space where you can ask to safely store the RV. Ask your friend, family, or neighbours to find the best storage space such as RV storage daphne AL.

Deeply Clean Your RV

Maybe it is one of the most obvious things to do before storing your RV in the storage units. But most people forget to do it. You should thoroughly wash your RV with soap and water. It will help to get rid of dirt and grime. While washing your RV, you should not forget to wash your tires.

It is recommended to get rid of grease and oil from the tires. Also, do the wax job to prevent the further build-up of dirt and dust in the RV storage unit. Once you have washed your RV, then determine whether it needs sealing or caulking any cracks or peels to stop the entry of critters inside your RV.  Also, clean the interior of the RV with a duster and vacuum cleaner. It is recommended to properly clean the RV from top to bottom.


When it comes to preparing your RV, you should keep the pests out of the storage units. It is important to ensure that there are no gaps or holes where critters can enter your RV. Seal the cracks and holes to keep your RV pest-proof. You can also use mothballs to protect the interior of the RV from pests and insects.

Remove Leftover Food

There is a probability that your RV is stocked with the favourite grub. But, leaving the leftovers inside the RV is not a good idea. You should check all the cabinets, fridge, and freezer to make sure that there are no leftovers.

It is recommended that you should remove all kinds of food items to keep the bugs and critters away from your RV. After removing the leftovers from your RV, you should turn off your refrigerator and other appliances. You should keep the doors of the appliances open so that there would be no mould formation inside the fridge. Also, store your RV in climate-controlled storage units such as storage spanish fort AL.  

Keep Vents Open

It is recommended to keep the rooftop vents open so that air can circulate inside and stop the formation of molds and mildews. It helps air to flow into the motorhome and stop the entry of water. If the air will keep moving, then there will be fewer chances of a musty smell inside the vehicle.

Retract All Slides

If you are storing your RV for only a few days or weeks, then you can keep the RV slides out. On the other hand, if you want to store RV for the long term, then keep the RV slides closed. In the retracted position, these are protected from the outer elements. It is a good idea to quickly clean the mechanical parts of the RV and properly seal them before closing the RV slides.

Drain Fluids

While storing the motorhome, you should flush out the plumbing system, water heater, and water tanks. If you want to winterize your vehicle, then you should add a little amount of antifreeze to the valves, piping, and waste tanks to prevent the freezing of leftover water. You should store the RV in the best storage units to prevent the freezing of leftover water such as self storage in Daphne AL.

Cover-Up Outside

Are you looking for different ways to store your RV trailer? Well, you can cover your RV with a special covering cloth. It will prevent the outer surface of the RV from dust build-up. Well, it may require a little bit of effort starting, but you will thank yourself later on. 

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