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Small Business Owner’s Guide to User-Generated Content

User-generated content, just like other types of internet material, can take numerous shapes and sizes. What is it, and why does it matter to your small business? This article provides a detailed explanation of how small businesses may benefit from user-generated content.

Precisely what does the term “user-generated content” refer to?

Content includes social media postings, videos, photographs, blog articles, etc. That has been created by users who have yet to be compensated for their work. It is known as user-generated content (UGC). Customers that have had a positive experience with your company. Are the ones most likely to share their thoughts about it online? That’s right; you adore the public!

There are several potential avenues for the production and dissemination of such material. They may write a testimonial or share photos from their in-store experience. Create a product review blog article, or offer you a shout-out on social media.

What makes user-generated material so valuable is that it comes from the user of their own volition, without any payment, sponsorship, or other arrangements on your part. That’s a subset of marketing called “influencer” marketing.

The #ShareaCoke hashtag on Instagram is an excellent example of UGC in action. As it showcases the customized bottle marketing by Coca-Cola. People who drink Coke were urged to share photos of themselves with their favorite branded beverage. This resulted in more than 660,000 pictures on Instagram with the hashtag #ShareACoke.

As more and more individuals saw pictures of other people’s name bottles online, they felt compelled to do the same.

What are some ways that user-generated content might benefit local companies?

The success of the Share a Coke campaign shows the potential of user-generated content. However, the notion can be applied successfully on a much smaller scale. By locally owned and operated enterprises. Among the essential advantages that user-generated content has for local companies are:

As a kind of advertising, it’s completely free.

The great thing about user-generated content is that your consumers advertise your business. User-generated content (UGC) is an online version of the power of term recommendations. Users voluntarily become “brand ambassadors” who may persuade others to buy from the company without you having to pay them to do so.

It Feels More Real

Potential clients are more inclined to believe the opinions of those. Who is not financially invested in the outcome of their review of your company? Users are approximately 2.5 times more inclined to trust UGC. Then they are to trust content produced by businesses. You might visit https://sliceberry.com/ to learn more in detail about the user generated content for small businesses. Having satisfied clients sing your praises is much more effective than singing your own.

Ninety-five percent of millennials and twenty-somethings check review sites before making a purchase. So having user-generated content on your site can boost sales.

In other words, this is valuable information for your company.

User-generated content may serve as a valuable gauge of customer satisfaction. Since it reveals the aspects of your products and services that end users appreciate. As well as any potential areas for improvement. This provides you with insightful criticism that can be used to enhance your company.

The result is a stronger sense of community.

For example, the oat milk brand Oatly has generated much user-generated content (UGC) on social media. Thanks to its popularity among the “Post-Milk Generation” (take a look at the Oatly hashtag on Instagram, for example).

Indeed, it has the potential to serve as a rich inspiration well.

Suppose you’re attempting to come up with a new product name. For instance, your popularity is the best place to go for inspiration. Manchester City Council’s humorous request for name proposals for its gritter vehicles. It is a good illustration of this phenomenon. Since it generated a flood of user-generated content (UGC) on Twitter. And garnered the attention of major news organizations.

Ways to Motivate User-Created Content?

Since you now see the value in user-generated content, how could your company join in on the action? The following are some ideas for getting consumers to create material about your company.

Initiate Evaluations

According to a recent survey, eighty-five percent of customers say they trust internet evaluations more than personal recommendations. That’s why it’s so important to encourage your consumers to submit reviews. One of the many forms of user-generated content (UGC) that may be invaluable to your business.

Please request them, and add a review section to each product page. Send a thank-you email following online purchases. Engage satisfied consumers in conversation on social media. And even provide an incentive for them to write a testimonial (such as a small discount on their next order).

To make the most of the reviews created on your site or third-party sites. Like Google, Facebook, or TripAdvisor, you may copy some better ones into other areas of your site (with permission) to function as testimonials, which will assist in building confidence in potential clients.

This comprehensive guide to reviews on the web has more helpful information than any other source.

Make a Trending Social Media Hashtag

Create a hashtag for customers to use when posting pictures of your items. On social media, get people talking about your brand. Using the hashtag #bodenbyme, Boden selects the finest user-generated material and displays it in a gallery on the website’s front page. (before doing the same, be careful to have users’ consent).

Keep an eye on the hashtag and pick the photographs you like most. Reposting is a beautiful approach to making the most of UGC.


The examples we’ve seen today show that user-generated content offers small companies a great chance. To build trust in their product or service. You should expect it only partially to supplant your content marketing strategies. But it may be a potent additional tool in your arsenal.

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