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Save your blog from failing by quickly adopting these 5 tips

If you are a blogger and trying to make your mark in the blogging space then this post can help you with some actionable tips. There are many ways to make your failing blog succeed.  However, before adopting any such method, you first need to work on the quality, relevance, and entire personality of your blog so that you can enjoy the maximum RoI of your marketing efforts. In this post, we are going to mention some of the best tips to best tips to improve your blog and infuse a new lease of life in your listless blogging website.


Improve your SEO health with internal linking

Internal link building plays a very vital role in achieving a healthy SEO profile. It not only encourages readers to explore more pages of your site but also multiplies the CTR. Secondly; it helps search engine bots to understand the nation between different portions of the content. Besides internal linking is an integral part of search engine algorithms. All these factors make t very important to include internal linking in the entire post. You may even dedicate an entire day to creating contextual internal links across your blog.


Invite other bloggers on your platform to add variety

You might be a good blogger but complacency hurts your interests. People need variety and it would be an interesting proposition to invite the other bloggers of your niche to contribute a guest post to your blog. It will introduce a refreshing variety of topics and writing styles. It will also allow you to attract a solid fan base of audiences who are familiar with another blogger.


Create eclectic variety of different elements

It’s not uncommon to feel tired after reaching a saturation point. If that’s the case with you then you can start thinking about the variety of formats that you can add to your blog to make it look awesome. Try including some images, graphics, and other multimedia elements in your blog. Offering an eclectic variety of different pleasing elements is the time-tested method that top bloggers use to keep their readers glued to the long-form posts and read it to the last word. So, it is advisable to research the visual material and ideas that you can contextually fit into your blog posts.


Increase the length of your posts

The length of posts is another major factor that Google and another search engine seriously consider when determining your ranking. Very short articles like the ones having 250-300 words don’t generally deliver a good value for the readers. This is among the major costly blogging mistakes that bloggers make just to increase the number of blog posts on their platform. It is better to create comprehensive articles with a good volume of words. That said your objective isn’t to just create lengthy posts but also to offer a strong value to the readers. So always keep value over the volume and look for a fine balance between the two.



Use right keywords and contextual linking to your old posts

One of the strongest ways to let the SEO juice flow through your entire blog is to internally link different posts using the right keywords and contextual linking methods. It will help search engine bots to easily crawl through multiple posts of your blog and at the same time the internal linking also invites the readers to explore different posts of your site. When exercised strategically the internal linking can also multiply the stay duration of each reader. All these factors help you build a better rapport with your readers while also earning some precious SEO points. Besides, you can even utilize the healthy SEO profile of a specific old post to support any new post that you publish.



Every blogger wants to gain a cutting edge in the digital world and enjoy best benefits of blogging. However, due to an ever-increasing number of blogs, it isn’t an easy feat to achieve. That is the reason why many bloggers are forced to quit blogging just 1 year after starting their blog. In this post, we mentioned some of the best tips to revive your failing blog by enhancing its personality and presentation. By diligently working on these tips you would be able to turn your blogging business into a successful venture.

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