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Rid Yourself of Chronic Pain

The issue of pain is one that everyone suffers from at some point or another throughout their lives. Every person reacts to pain the same way. Every person experiences discomfort based on our personal emotional and physical constitution. There isn’t a clear connection between the cause of what is painful and the degree of pain a person feels.

An acute pain

An acute pain resulting from injury, illness or surgical procedure is typically temporary and may be treated with medications or cold, heat or rest. Chronic pain is a different matter and is an entire distinct entity. It can erode the value and quality of our lives. Those who are suffering from constant pain, they may experience pain so severe that they do not function anymore or have to stop working. And start taking Pain O Soma 350mg at an affordable price. They are unable to move about and socialize or take care of their own needs.

Chronic pain

Chronic pain sufferers are typically afflicted with any or all of the following symptoms and symptoms: hopelessness depression, depressing anger, hostility, and many others. They’re often isolated from their family and friends, who can lose their ability when confronted with chronic pain issues. They often feel exhausted financially and emotionally due to seeking relief from medical problems. Most times, surgical procedures used to alleviate pain are only used to make it worse. People suffering from chronic pain may develop an addiction to medications to manage their pain. However, they may realize that the medication doesn’t even help after a few months.

The pressure of chronic pain can result in issues indigestion, breathing blood pressure, heart, and kidneys. Chronic pain may develop following an injury or illness that persists long after any known physical reason can be discovered. When there is a period of recovery from illness or injury, patients can begin to feel the pain that is not physical by referring to physical pain.

That the methods of suffering can be acquired doesn’t mean that we are unable to suffer, or that our suffering may be “all in our minds” and is not caused by physical causes. But, some individuals are unable to function due to conditions others can accept and accept even though they suffer an amount of pain that is constant.

For me, I injured my kneecap in 1989 and I have remained adamant about refusing an operation to replace my knee that doctors say I require. It is possible that they are right in recommending that procedure, but I chose to pursue a different path. I always utilize mind over matter techniques and pain is usually absent or very minimal. And yes, I exercise daily!

Method to deal with pain

The methods we use to deal with pain are influenced by how we operate in the world at large. Children who suffer from prolonged illness, for instance, could experience feelings of dependency and ill-health that are not conscious of being reinforced by family members and close friends. Sometimes, being in pain can be the sole way for a person to gain acceptance and love from other people. I worked with a 75-year old lady suffering from nerve-ending pain that was described by her as “having them buried incorrectly after having a mastectomy.”

After having completed hypnosis and is being pain-free, she was desperate to get her pain back! She didn’t want with the fact that she had to travel all over the world with her husband and their Winnebago! In other circumstances, it is possible to find pain as the solution to the problems of life. So it is possible that pain could be a solution to a “problem” caused by pain could be actually an “solution” to a different issue. Someone who is unhappy with their job, yet is unable to quit gracefully could be forced to retire due to physical health issues. If one doesn’t feel satisfaction or worth in their lives and is a chronic infirm may seem like a reasonable alternative. Some people believe they’re entitled to endure. They see suffering as a purifying punishment for their actual or perceived shortcomings.

Games for pain

Sometimes, we get caught up in games for pain. We aren’t feeling well, so we influence others to do the work for us, or care for us, or even not do anything at all. Some people find a reason to live their lives by trying to challenge the medical profession to find a solution to their discomfort. Sometimes, we create ourselves into pain traps. We stop when we experience any discomfort, then we go to bed and wait for it to disappear. Inactivity causes degeneration of muscles and, in turn, causes ongoing pain. Current studies suggest that we should keep moving even when they are hurting.

Other times, I’ve observed patients who have eliminated and reduced their anger tensions, anger, and internal turmoil, and thus release the normal flow of chemicals that makes them experience “good” and relieve pain. It is also acknowledged that people who lost limbs often feel the pain of their absence. The body recalls the pain and when thoughts, the mind, and the body are weak, the pain returns to the same location in the body because it is familiar with the discomfort. I also have found it to be the case that, when there are “good” times, the patient’s pain decreases. Thus, by hypnotizing patients and teaching them relaxation techniques, they reduce the inflammations within their bodies. Prosoma 350mg also reduces pain, and frequently gets rid of pain permanently, and thus has more “good” days.

How can the mind aid the body to relieve discomfort?

Through the release of our body’s naturally-produced painkiller. Through “talking” towards our bodies we are able to manage the release of endorphins which eases pain, without the negative side consequences of the powerful human-made medications. The inner dialogue also communicates with our autonomic nervous system. It regulates involuntary activities such as heart rate and digestion and plays a crucial part in relieving chronic pain.

Practitioners and researchers in the field of pain management point out how crucial the way we view and interpret pain is in determining the degree of pain we feel and where it is. Perhaps more significant is that it can provide valuable information about how we as Hypnotist can assist our patients to alleviate discomfort.

Doctor. John Biesler, director of the Biesler Center for Allied Therapeutics in Los Angeles and author of FREE YOURSELF FROM PAIN, a book that outlines the story of John 52-year-old cardiologist who was living with chronic, aching lower back pain after treatments for cancer of the rectal.

The doctor came to the Center considering suicide. He was able to articulate his suffering with a vivid and vivid description as if it was an animal chewing his spine. Biesler was able to convince John to engage with the dog and converse with it, to determine the reason for chewing his back and, if possible, to stop it. After several hours of trying to get John to calm down, they made Kontakt with the animal. Then John began to talk to the dog and the dog began talking back.

In the end,

The dog assured John that he was a good doctor. “It might not be the path you’d like But it’s high time to acknowledge how great you are in doing what you do. Once you stop feeling angry and begin to accept yourself, you’ll quit gnashing my teeth on your spine.” These realizations were accompanied by an immediate reduction in the pain. In the next few weeks, it gradually diminished.

There are numerous examples of the miraculous power of pain relief. I have seen it every day! I worked with a 42-year old woman who had a constant bout of migraine headaches. In my process of healing,, she was able the importance of saying “NO!” and, when she did that, the migraines stopped.


Each person is an individual who must examine their own circumstances. I believe that once a patient understands the cause behind the problem, healing starts. In my study as well as my private practice, I’ve seen “miracles”. People who wish to be are able to do so and will be able to talk about their hurt and let it go. Then they are provided with profound insights to aid in their own growth and healing.

Until next time. “BEE” Well, Dr. Karen Frank aka The Bumble Bee Lady

Karen Frank holds a Doctorate degree in Metaphysics. She is the President and Founder of Dr. Karen Frank’s Center for Holistic Health and Wellness Hypno-Harmonics an audio series that teaches self Hypnosis. She is often an appearance on radio shows across the country. Also teaches throughout her native United States as well as other countries. An author who has published her work and a skilled motivational trainer and speaker, Dr. Frank has more than 20 years of experience as well as study in the field of Medical Hypnotist, and nursing background.

Karen has also been a certified F.I.R.E. Walk Instructor, and she speaks to hundreds of groups every year giving people instruction in the area of professional. She has assisted thousands of people to unlock their potential since she came from welfare or food stamps. Her impressive success rate can be attributable to her powerful skills in motivation. And her deep understanding of people who are open and willing to recover themselves with her coaching.

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