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Resolve data damage on your QuickBooks Company File

When formatting a file, a user may have performance issues, disc failure, power surges, or other issues that could result in damage to QuickBooks data. A damaged QuickBooks company file is one of the most frequent problems you could experience. If you have completed the required research and believe there may be data damage, or if you have identified any data issues, you shouldn’t be concerned because this article will be very helpful to you. In this article, we’ll go into great detail to resolve data damage on your QuickBooks company files, and what can be the cause of it. 

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How to spot Data Damage on your QuickBooks Company File

Once you carefully consider the signs described below, finding the data damage error in the QuickBooks company file gets simple. Let’s examine each one separately: 

  • The verify data utility or verify target may produce errors like “A data problem prohibits QuickBooks from proceeding’’ when minor values do not match major values on the screen and in the Qbwin.log file
  • If the transaction history shows a negative balance.
  • If any transaction or entry from the lists is missing.
  • If the paid invoices or payments appear as unpaid. 
  • When software runs slowly on its own. 
  • Balance sheets and other inaccurate reporting.
  • If the software crashes unexpectedly when you are attempting to save or remove a transaction.
  • The HTML code is shown in the window when you click “Send feedback online” and then go to the “Bug report Window.” 
  • If applicable, an asterisk (*) is placed before the account name. This indicates that since the original accounts were missing, software established these accounts.

Causes of the QuickBooks Desktop Data Damage Error 

There are a few things that could cause data damage in the QuickBooks company file. The following is a list of some of the prevalent ones among those factors: 

  • Such an error is likely to happen if a virus attack occurs on the hard drive where the database is kept. 
  • if the specified maximum data file size has been exceeded. 
  • Such a problem could be caused by a sudden spike or dip in power that would completely destroy the hard drive. 
  • Additionally, if the system is lacking key components like virtual memory, RAM, network interface cards, network cables, routers, etc. 
  • Data damage on your QuickBooks company file could also result from an improper system shutdown.

Quick Solutions to Repair QuickBooks Desktop Company File Data Damage

Let’s gradually examine each technique to fix the QuickBooks company file data damage

Method 1: Rebuilding the data manually to fix the company file 

If you feel confident rectifying the error yourself, you can do so from the Verify Results Window. It is advised to create a backup of the company file before executing the next steps. To manually fix the problem, take these steps: 

  • You should first go to the file menu and then switch to the utility tab. 
  • Afterward, select verify data.

Verify hosting data

  • Then, let the tool verify the file for any data problems

No problem detected in QuickBooks company file Screenshot

  • Select expand all to view the errors from the verify results screen after that.
  • Now select see online article and follow the steps to resolve the problem.

Method 2: Using the Rebuild data tool to repair the company file 

The rebuild data tool, which is integrated into QuickBooks desktop, can be used to quickly address company file data problems. Here are the steps that must be taken: 

Verify Results Screenshot

  • Go to the file menu first, then select the utilities tab and rebuild data from the list.

Verify and Rebuild Data in QuickBooks Desktop Screenshot

  • Then, in the QuickBooks information Window, you must choose the OK tab. And to save the backup, follow the on-screen instructions. 
  • The next stage is to let the utility fix the file. This process could take some time. Despite the fact that it could appear as though the software is frozen, the tool is still functional as long as you can move the mouse.

verifying the data integrity screenshot

  • As soon as you see the message “Rebuild has completed,” click OK to continue and complete the verify utility procedure.
  • After it is finished, select OK
  • Additionally, go to the file menu, click the Utilities option, and then select Verify Data.
  • The final step is to allow the tool to examine the file for data errors. 

Click the OK tab if the software has been unable to identify any problems. As no data has been damaged, you can continue using the company file. On the other hand, if the software finds an error, you must choose the rebuild now tab.

Method 3: Eliminating customer reports and memorized transactions 

Another efficient method for repairing data damage in QuickBooks is to wipe out customer reports and memorized transactions. This straightforward procedure involves the next few steps:

Deleting Memorized Reports

  • The user should first go to Lists and then select Memorized Transactions
  • The user must then choose whether to delete the memorized transactions after moving on to the edit option.
  • Finally, press the OK button.

Deleting Customer Reports

  • The user must first go to Reports and then the Reports Center in order to complete the incentive step. 
  • Next, the user must select X and decide whether to delete the reports.
  • Finally, press the OK button. 

We hope that by the time you reach the end of this article, you will be familiar with the solutions for repairing QuickBooks company file data damages. However, if the problem persists and causes you trouble on a regular basis, we advise you to speak with our QuickBooks support team by calling our support line at +1800-615-2347.

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