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Replica watches: The most accurate travel time, Omega aspires to be the first in the world of famous watches

Although mechanical replica watches may not be comparable to electronic products in terms of accuracy, for mechanical watches, the more accurate the travel time, the more it can represent the sophisticated watchmaking technology of watchmaking brands. The accuracy of the travel time of the watch is still very concerned.

At the beginning of this year, Omega launched a Speedmaster series Super Racing watch, and at the same time released a new travel time standard, with a daily error of 0/+2 seconds to win the first place in the world. With the release of this watch, Omega has also become the object of heated discussions among watch friends. The error is 0/+2 seconds. How did Omega do it?

In January 2023, Omega released a new travel time standard. Its daily error is 0/+2 seconds, which surpasses the daily error of Rolex Super Astronomy -2/+2 seconds, becoming the latest and highest travel time standard among famous replica watches. World number one. sell replica watches

Most of the famous replica watches on the market do not have travel time standard certification. Because the mechanical watch is based on the principle of gear transmission, there will inevitably be travel time errors. Most famous watch brands are also unwilling to “shoot the gun” and publicly announce how many seconds the error of their sell replica watches is within a day, in case the error exceeds and slaps them in the face.

In addition to the Swiss Observatory certification (daily error -4/+6 seconds), which is commonly used by famous replica watches, only a small number of famous watch brands that pursue travel time accuracy and strong technical strength will publicly announce their own brand travel time standards. For example, the daily error of the Rolex Super Observatory certification is -2/+2 seconds; the daily error of the Omega Master Chronometer certification is 0/+5 seconds; the Patek Philippe Seal -3/+2 seconds; the crown blue lion standard -3/+5 seconds . This is tantamount to issuing a “military order”, and most famous watch brands dare not.

After 2015, the Rolex Super Observatory was upgraded to a green tag, with a daily error of -2/+2 seconds. From 2015 to 2022, the Rolex Super Chronometer is the most accurate watch in the world, but now, Omega has pulled Rolex off the throne with a standard of 0/+2 seconds. From 2023, Omega will be first and Rolex will be second.

Omega uses the newly developed Spirate system in the movement. This is a brand-new fine-tuning mechanism with silicon hairspring, which has never appeared in famous best fake watches before. In the past, there were only two ways to adjust the movement:

Speed needle: In the movement, the speed of travel is adjusted by adjusting the length of the hairspring. Generally only used on metal hairsprings. Because changing the length of the hairspring will affect the position of the center of gravity of the hairspring, the adjustment accuracy is average.

Calibration-free weight fine-tuning: In the movement, the travel time is adjusted by adjusting the weight on the balance wheel. There are fewer such restrictions, and metal hairsprings and silicon hairsprings can be used. Because adjusting the weight of the balance wheel will not affect the hairspring, the adjustment accuracy is high and the effect is good. Since the silicon hairspring is formed in one piece, it is fine-tuned only with non-caliber weights.best fake watches

In addition to the fine-tuning of the movement’s non-caliber weights, Omega also installed a silicon hairspring adjustment device on the balance splint. This silicon hairspring adjustment device is the Spirate system. The Spirate system is the first device in the famous watch that can adjust the silicon balance spring. Since the silicon hairspring is integrally formed by etching a silicon disc, it has a perfect curve, and the silicon hairspring has never been adjusted in the past. But through the Spirate system, Omega can twist the “small disc” (spline screw) on the balance cock to adjust the silicon hairspring. Next, let’s talk about the boring principle:

A small disc on the balance cock with a cam underneath. The cam can drive the end of the “blade” shape of the silicon hairspring, thereby compressing or relaxing the silicon hairspring, thereby changing the “bounce ability” and “bounce radius” (ie, rigidity) of the silicon hairspring to achieve high-precision adjustment of the watch’s travel time.

On the Spirate “small disc” of the balance cock, 0.1s/d is written, which means that the adjustment accuracy can reach 0.1 seconds per day. The adjustment accuracy of the non-calibration weight on the balance wheel is 1 second per day. The combination of the two can achieve an unprecedented adjustment accuracy on a mechanical watch. As a result, Omega surpassed all other watch brands.

Using Spirate system Super Racing, test results, notice in the red box, under the 15000 Gauss magnetic field,

the daily error is only 0.4 seconds; the daily overall error is only 0.9 seconds.

The first watch released by Omega to use the Spirate system is the new Speedmaster Super Racing Chronograph. It is the racing style branch of the Speedmaster series. Steel shell, measuring 44.25mm and 14.9mm thick. It uses the same “fourth-generation” Speedmaster appearance as the Speedmaster 3861. The watch uses a raised box-shaped sapphire mirror, and the speed ring scale on the ceramic ring is yellow enamel.

The layout of Super Racing is a binocular chronograph, with 60-minute and 12-hour chronographs at 3 o’clock. Everyone needs to pay attention to the fact that the two chronograph hands are coaxial, and the small second hand is at 9 o’clock. Do you know? But all Omega 9 series chronograph movements have this layout. The watch dial is decorated with a honeycomb pattern. Here is a detail, the small second hand at 9 o’clock uses the yellow and black “Bumblebee” color scheme, do you know why? This is to echo Omega’s first 15,000 Gauss antimagnetic watch Seamaster AT “Bumblebee” launched in 2013. At the same time, the 10 of the calendar is a special font, representing the 10 years from 2013 to 2023. To represent another major breakthrough in Omega technology.

Speedmaster Super Racing uses Omega’s new 9920 automatic chronograph movement, which is generally consistent with the Omega 9300/9900 series movement. Use cylindrical wheel, vertical clutch, silicon hairspring, fine-tuning with no card weight, swing frequency 28800 times/hour, power 60 hours. As you can see, on the balance cock, there are more “small discs” for the adjustment of the Spirate system. The overseas public price of this Speedmaster Super Racing is 10,200 Swiss francs.

Omega replica uses the Spirate system, with a 0/+2 second error, becoming the first in the world,

and Omega said that it will mass-produce and popularize Spirate,

coupled with Omega’s 15,000 Gauss anti-magnetic ability,

it is simply invincible in terms of watch travel time certification. exists.

As soon as the Omega Spirate system came out, it directly defeated the Rolex Super Observatory -2/+2 standard. It depends on how Rolex responds afterwards.

Everyone knows that Omega already has a 15,000 Gauss anti-magnetic Zhizhen Observatory certification standard,

and its error is 0/+5 seconds per day. Why do you want to hold back the big move of Spirate? Because something happened in 2021, which made Omega unbearable. That is the Tudor under Rolex. Through the Biwan ceramic watch, it will also be certified by the Master Chronometer in 2021. Everyone knows that the certification of the Master Chronometer is an open organization, and all brands can submit for inspection. As long as they pass the inspection, they will be certified. Rolex will definitely not be able to bear this.

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