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Reasons Why Your Child May Benefit From Speech And Language Therapy

Watching your child struggle to speak or make certain sounds and finding it hard to understand new words can be stressful for any parent. But unfortunately, only 20% of parents are vigilant enough to take action when needed. 80% of parents actually laugh speech delays off or believe their child will grow out of it. For many parents, the realisation only comes when their child starts growing up with the same difficulty and finds it hard to cope with studies and other day-to-day activities. Thus, parents should be vigilant about such issues and pay closer attention to their kids while communicating even from an early age. Studies have found that early intervention is always helpful for children with speech delays. If some of you feel that it is hard for your kids to understand speech and language properly, immediately take them to London speech and language therapy sessions.

Diagnosis of kids having issues with verbal communication

Like other medical conditions, speech and communication disorders should also be diagnosed early in life so that appropriate measures are taken at the right time. Thus, while watching your kids play around and communicate, watch how they speak and understand language and speech. And if the child is exhibiting the signs and symptoms below, refer them to a speech and language pathologist.

  • Struggling while imitating sounds made by other people
  • Finding it hard to understand and follow commands
  • Struggling to understand and imitate a new word
  • Not able to combine words properly even when older than 18 months
  • Difficulty in understanding questions, conversations, or directions given by others
  • Child showing signs of unintelligible speech at the age of 2, which is not understandable
  • Finding it difficult to speak fluently

These signs and symptoms may depict that your child is having speech and language issues. There is something, either cognitive incapability or certain medical conditions, which are making your child incapable of expressing themselves through speech. However, it is rarely causings to worry extensively, as with therapy and the right methods, even children with significant speech delays have gone on to flourish.

Thus, as soon as you notice these symptoms in your child, take them to a speech and language therapist for the assessment process. A thorough assessment will shed light on areas that require therapy for better speech and language understandability.

Major causes behind speech disorders 

Speech and language disorder is not alien science. It definitely develops due to underlying occurrences inside the body. However, the causes could be different, including-

  • Muscular paralysis
  • Brain nerve injuries
  • Developmental disabilities
  • Structural abnormalities
  • Down syndrome
  • Autism
  • Hearing loss

A study conducted in 2015 shows that communication disorder is quite common in the age between 3 years to 17 years. Almost 8% of children of this age group experience complications of speech disorder. But there is hope for children who have speech disorders. Speech and Language Therapy is an effective treatment for all age groups, including kids.

Speech therapy is crucial for kids with speech disorders

When a kid has a speech disorder, they are incapable of expressing their needs very well. The struggle continues in their daily lives, making it hard to flourish. Therefore, kids with speech disorders should undergo therapy to learn to communicate well in their daily lives and express their needs well. This majorly helps them become independent and self-reliant. There are some other reasons as well why kids require SLT.

The therapy makes kids able to communicate well

Communication is a must, whether it is done through speech or sign. Thus, speech and language pathologists help children with speech and language difficulties to have a voice without a voice. They can do it with the help of many aided and unaided communication methods.

  • Language and its related aspects are taken care of

Speech therapy is not solely for speech correction and disorders, and it focuses on language aspects as well. During the therapy, kids find help for language and comprehension as well. Specific components of language like sequencing, pronoun usage, grammar, action and declaration, etc., are also targeted.

  • Kids are able to listen, read and understand well

Kids with speech disorders often show incompetency in studies. They are incapable of reading, listening and understanding what is being taught in school. SLT has been helpful for such kids to develop an understanding and reading well upon undergoing the therapy.

  • Kids learn alternative modes of communications 

Kids who have speech disorders due to underlying health conditions like hearing loss, autism, etc., are taught an alternative mode of communication. They learn to communicate through expressions, signs, eye contact, facial expressions and gesture and often writing or drawing.

  • Therapists focus on the all-round development of social skills 

Social skills are a key component in survival. But with flawed communication, it can be difficult to adequately communicate with peers. SLT teaches pragmatic skills and other social skills to survive and thrive. A therapist or pathologist uses role-playing, therapy apps or social stories as tools to target the disorder and teach social skills.

Contemplating the effectiveness of speech therapy

Several studies have been conducted to understand the effectiveness of speech and language therapy. The studies sided with therapy for being an effective measure to help kids and adults enhance their speech and communication skills. Therefore, if your child, whether below 5, a teen or an adult, is facing issues with speech and communication, take them to one of the best speech and language therapy schools in London.


  1. Who can undergo speech and language therapy?

Speech and language therapy is for all, including adults and children.

  1. Is speech therapy effective?

Speech therapy has proved to be effective for speech and language disorders. Both children and adults have benefited from it.

  1. Is it normal for a 2-year-old to not speak?

Language delays happen, but its normalization is wrong. The child is experiencing trouble communicating and thus, needs help.

  1. What are the signs of language delays?

A 12-month kid unable to use gestures and an 18-month kid using gestures over verbal communications is prominent signs of language or speech delays.

  1. Why is speech therapy important?

Speech therapy helps promote children’s welfare and development of social skills devoid of structural and developmental abnormalities.

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