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Raitings Of Portland Digital Agency

Now many advertisers are faced with the issue of optimizing budgets and finding new contractors. Should I leave the inhouse team? What should I do if I worked with a foreign agency? How to choose a new advertising agency that will become a partner developing your business with you?


Most likely, there is a formed community in your industry or you have friends who work with a digital agency. Ask them for a recommendation. In our experience, clients with whom we have been working for a long time and well. Often recommend us to their colleagues. For example, most of our medical clients came to us on recommendation. Two companies with whom we have been cooperating for many years brought other medical centers to us. A person you know will easily tell you about all the pros and cons of a contractor, can recommend a separate specialist and an agency manager with whom it is comfortable portland digital agency to work.

Agency ratings, festivals and awards

It is not worth choosing an agency based solely on ratings and awards, because not all ratings are transparent and not all festival cases are effective. But it makes sense to pay attention to them and take them into account when choosing a contractor among other criteria.

An agency that actively participates in ratings and contests, invests effort, time and money in this, takes care of its reputation. Many ratings take into account turnover in the methodology, large customers in the portfolio and the period of work with clients. Therefore, the presence of the agency in the industry rating is evidence of its reliability.

In competitions, the jury often chooses, and customers vote in the ratings. The recognition of the professional community also speaks about the level of the company. From our experience, I can say that the team is very happy with awards and ratings, we pass from mouth to mouth the effective mechanics that we used in projects.


Almost every agency maintains a portfolio of completed projects. Does this mean that your project will give the same indicators and growth? Not obligatory. A lot depends on the business and processes within your company, the period of placement and the situation in the advertising auction, the cost of the advertised product / service. But the agency’s portfolio and cases will be able to help you navigate the approach of the team, to understand that they have relevant experience. Do not hesitate to ask for details of the implementation of the cases, specify whether the employees who made this case are still working.

Also pay attention to whether the portfolio is real or stolen. Yes, it happens too. Not only the portfolio was stolen from us, but even the project team and commercial proposals.

Media plans and roadmaps

Pay attention to the details of the media plan and the work plan. All additional services and stages should be spelled out in detail in them. For example, when launching banner and targeted advertising, you need to develop a creative, to conduct a performance campaign, you need to configure analytics and goals, to conduct an image flight, brand-lift research and configure post-view analytics. All services must be registered as included in the price or created for an additional fee.

Project Team

It is important that the project team is designated by the agency. It happens that the manager with whom you communicate at the stage of preparing a commercial offer and the manager who will lead your project are two different people. The head of the department comes to the meeting, not the specialist who will then lead the project. The client’s briefing and presale are often carried out by sales managers or department heads and rarely by line specialists. But at the same time, before starting portland digital agency work, it is normal practice to get to know the team.

At the stage of the presentation of the commercial offer, look at the slide with the team and estimate how many people will work on your project, ask this question directly. One of the advantages that you get when working with an agency is a large team where functions and tasks are distributed.

Make an installation meeting with the team before starting work, tell us about your business. It’s very cool if you can invite a team on an excursion to your office, factory, farm, and so on.

The process of work

It’s good when all the processes in the project are transparent and you understand what’s going on.

What factors are important for this:

  • your presence during the transfer of the project to work. Our agency has a special brief for the transfer of the project and an installation meeting within the team.
  • A roadmap in Google Docs, Trello or any other service that will allow you to participate in tasks.
  • Dashboard is a mandatory tool for tracking performance.
  • The reports should contain not only figures, but also recommendations on what to do next.
  • It is advisable to hold monthly meetings with the main part of the team, discuss results and plans — this increases the coherence of the working group and improves results.
  • Ask if you will have an individual manager. If you are sent to info or you have to communicate with a bunch of different people in the agency, this indicates unsettled processes.
  • Ask if the agency is ready to work with third-party traffic verifiers and whether it opens guest access to advertising cabinets. A negative answer will cut off scammers from your selection field.

Briefly about the portland digital agency

A digital agency is a company that provides online promotion portland digital agency services. She is engaged in the creation of a web resource, its design, content filling, and also provides smm business promotion in social networks.

The main task of the digital agency is to ensure the presence and promotion of the customer company in the digital sphere. His team may include: web developers, layout designers, designers, various managers, marketers, SEO specialists, copywriters and others. For some temporary jobs, a full-service digital agency often turns to photographers or videographers.

Digital advertising agency provides the following comprehensive Internet marketing services:

  • development and high-quality promotion of websites by any methods;
  • creation of a company’s development strategy in the Internet sphere;
  • collaboration with online communities;
  • carrying out various events for buyers;
  • mobile application development;
  • creating advertising campaigns for the digital environment.

The digital marketing agency not only promotes the web platform, but also interacts with the end user, its introduction into the information or Internet space, thinks over a content plan for smm, monitors and analyzes the results of activities, correcting if necessary.

Despite the fact that usually a digital advertising agency solves a number of issues at once, there are also narrowly focused ones in the complex. They choose one or more tasks for themselves and deal only with them. This helps to reduce the staff of the agency and perform the same type of work better — to improve their skills faster in certain areas of promotion.

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