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QuickBooks Data Conversion Services: Verified Technical Guide

QuickBooks accounting software has been immensely popular over the years mainly due to constant improvements in its design and tools & Intuit seems determined to maintain its market hegemony through appropriate means.

Users purchase and utilize this accounting software in two versions: ‘QuickBooks Desktop’ and ‘QuickBooks Online’, and during the course of their work, they often desire to transfer their data between these two versions.

The process through which data transfer is accomplished between these two versions is called ‘QuickBooks Data Conversion Services’.

Here, in this detailed technical article, you will be explained the easiest step-wise processes that are most useful for QB data conversion.

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Accurate Step-Wise Processes for ‘Data Conversion in QuickBooks Software’

The following processes should be separately implemented for ‘Data Conversion in QuickBooks Software’:

Process A: Easily Shift the Necessary QB Desktop Data to QB Online (QBO)

This process aims to explain the relevant steps for converting QB Desktop Data to QB Online (QBO):

Step 1: Ensure that you have the most recent edition of QB Desktop on your computer & save the relevant ‘Sales Tax Liability Report’

Firstly, the most important fact that you need to know is that Intuit grants a time of only 60 days from the day of creating the QB Online account to move the QB Desktop data.

Press the ‘F2’ key instantly after accessing the QB Desktop application on the system.

Find the current version of this application via the ‘Product Information Window’.

Now, if you note that you have an older version of QB Desktop

Get it updated via the official Intuit website.

After updating QB Desktop, access the ‘Reports’ menu within it.

Suitably tap on the ‘Vendors & Payables’ icon, following which you need to click on the ‘Sales Tax Liability’ option.

At this point, instantly choose the ‘All’ option from the ‘Dates’ menu

Then tap on the ‘Save as PDF’ option displayed inside the ‘Print’ menu on the window.

Finally, select the relevant folder at an appropriate location,

After which you can hit the ‘Save’ button to save the ‘Sales Tax Liability Report’ on the computer.

Step 2: Essentially transfer the selected QB Desktop data file to QB Online (QBO)

Here, in the second step, simply access the QB Desktop company file in admin mode that you need to export to QB Online and then effectively click on the ‘Company’ menu on the window.

Thereafter, suitably choose the ‘Export Company File to QuickBooks Online’ menu.

Then easily hit the ‘Start your export’ icon shown on the computer’s screen.

Now, at this point, you will have to access the QB Online Company with admin privileges, and then you shall be able to select the QB Online Company that you intend to replace with the chosen QB Desktop data file.

Move ahead by hitting the ‘Continue’ icon & then you can select the ‘Yes’ option.

Regarding the date of the inventory, you can enter the day after your previous filing date inside the ‘as of date’ option on the window.

Just thereafter, simply type ‘Agree’ in the relevant field,

Tap on the ‘Replace’ button to finally shift the QB Desktop data to QB Online.

Step 3: Utilize all the additional services within your QB Online account to easily work with the transferred data

You have already moved your QB Desktop data to QB Online. Therefore, you can now successfully connect your valid bank & credit card accounts to your QB Online account.

Process B: Comfortably shift the QB Online (QBO) data to QB Desktop

Here, in this process, you will learn various steps to successfully move QB Online (QBO) data to QB Desktop:

Step 1: Successfully install the newest edition of QB Desktop on your computer & download the fresh version of ‘QB Desktop Migration Tool’

First & foremost, instantly proceed forward to access the official Intuit website and then download the most recent edition of the QB Desktop application on your computer.

After that, install the newest QB Desktop and then open it up, following which you will be required to click on the ‘Close Company’ option situated inside the ‘File’ menu.

At this point, just ensure that your QB Desktop remains open for the entire duration of this process,

Then you can simply log into your official QB Online (QBO) account.

While using the QB Online (QBO) account, you shall access the following URL:

‘https://app.qbo.intuit.com/app/exportqbodatatoqbdt.’ you will download the ‘QB Desktop Migration Tool’.

Afterward, easily install the ‘QB Desktop Migration Tool’.

Step 2: Carefully choose the data inside your QB Online account & then store it in a separate file

Simply reach the ‘Prepare to export’ page shown inside your QB Online account

Then you will need to enter your valid name as well as an email address so that you can easily obtain the mandatory migration confirmation mail.

After receiving the migration confirmation mail & then you shall only move forward to the ‘Select your data page’ available within the QB Online account.

Now, you can choose the QB Online data that you want to export to the QB Desktop application and then hit the ‘Continue’ button in order to access the ‘Exporting from QuickBooks Online’ page.

At this step, simply choose the ‘Continue to Download’ option .

You can easily hit the ‘Download QBXML File’ button to download the QB Online data that you have selected on the computer.

Now exit the QB Online (QBO) account in order to move to the next step of this detailed process.

Step 3: Promptly launch the ‘QB Desktop Migration Tool’ & then successfully move the selected QB Online (QBO) data to QB Desktop.

In the final step, ensure that the ‘No Company Open’ window is available on the QB Desktop application, and launch the ‘QB Desktop Migration Tool’.

Afterward, move forward to utilize the ‘Browse’ option to get complete access to the ‘QBXML File’ & then you can easily hit the ‘Import’ button.

At this point, you should type the fresh name of your QB Desktop company file, and you can also select a relevant location on the system, required access & modification rights.

When you finally hit the ‘Done’ button, the selected QB Online data will be transferred to the QB Desktop application.

By using the two processes mentioned above, you can successfully accomplish ‘QuickBooks Data Conversion Services’. For more assistance & technical advice, dial +1 855-948-3646 to contact our QB Specialists Team.

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