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Parighasana / Gate Pose: Know How To Do And 6 Benefits

It is a good decision to include asanas in your daily routine. But we should know which posture can give us what benefits. Today we are talking about Prighasan / Gate Pose. Parighasana not only makes the muscles of the body healthy but also brings flexibility in respiratory problems, spinal cord, etc. Today’s article is on this topic. Today, through this article, we will tell you how you can restore your health by doing Parighasana. 

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First of all, by laying a yoga mat on the ground, bend your knees and stand on it. Now make a little distance between both your knees and take the left foot to the left, your leg should be completely open and the sole of the foot should be on the ground. During this, keep taking long deep breaths and keep your left hand on the left leg. During this, keep taking deep long breaths and keep exhaling, now raise your right hand and move it to the left. Your head and body part should be tilted to the right. As shown in the picture above, stay in this position for about 30 to 40 seconds, you can also set your time according to your ability and during this time keep taking long, long breaths. Now to come to the old position, straighten your right arm and bend the knee of the left leg and bring both the knees close, repeat the same process with the other leg.


  • Let us tell, people who have knee problems or joint pain, then they should not do this yoga.
  • People who have suffered any serious injury to the hip, then they should also avoid doing this asana.
  • If someone’s shoulder is damaged or there is a pain in the nerves of the hands, then it is not necessary that they should raise their hands, they can also keep their hands on the waist and do this yoga.

Benefits of doing Parighasana:-

  • There are many health benefits of doing this asana.
  • By doing Parighasana, the problem of breathing goes away.
  • The digestive system remains healthy and the abdominal muscles are strong.
  • Parighasana makes the blood flow smooth in the body.
  • There is a strain in the muscles from the fingers to the buttocks.
  • Flexibility and muscles in the spine are strengthened.
  • By doing this asana, there is also a strain on the neck muscles.

Note –The points mentioned above show that doing Parighasana benefits health in many ways. But if you are not able to keep your knees on the ground or your knees on the yoga map, then you can also use blankets below. Due to this, there will not be much pressure on your knees, as well as if you have suffered serious injuries in your hips, shoulders, knees, feet, etc., then avoid doing this asana. Although this asana can be done easily, if you feel any kind of problem then you can also do this asana downwards. supervision of an expert.

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