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Neck Pain Relief Stretch And Exercises

Neck Pain Relief Stretches

The neck is a tough spot to work out, especially if you’re sleeping or sitting at your desk all day long. Check out this blog post for some helpful neck pain relief stretches that will help take the edge off of irritable muscle tension in those hard-to-reach areas!

How To Stretch Your Neck

Stretching is an important part of strengthening the neck and back. The best way to stretch these muscles? A task well worth doing!

Move Frequently: Move frequently to avoid stiffening your neck and back muscles. Stand up or sit up tall every 15 minutes for approximately 5-10 seconds.

Ergonomic Workstation: If you’re going to do some work on the computer, make sure that your posture is comfortable. If not even sitting in an ergonomic chair can help with lower back pain or leg cramps then maybe it’s time for another type of task – like needlepointing!

Regular Back And Neck Pain relief Stretches: Stretching regularly is a great way to keep your neck and back healthy. Studies have shown that people who do stretches for their sore spots in the morning are able-bodied much more efficiently than those without any stretching at all!

General Neck Stretches

This is a great all around stretch that will benefit anyone with tightness in their neck. Place the strap across your chest and apply pressure by pulling down on it with one hand while allowing yourself to tilt slightly forward. Slowly rotate head up-and then down again, pausing for 30 seconds at each spot before moving onto another area if needed!

Levator Scapulae Stretch

The Levator Scapulae is a key muscle that helps to elevate and rotate your shoulder blade up. It also supports the proper alignment of neck, head position while you’re sitting down–a lot like when people work long hours at their desk or drive for extended periods every day! The levator scapulae muscle is a commonly used stretch for people who experience neck and shoulder tension. It can be done in the office or at home, so it’s easy to take on your next workday!

How To Do Levator Scapulae Stretch: Lengthen your spine and reach one arm back, then turn away from the side of that arm. Hold for 30-45 seconds with breath work or gentle shaking ( verge ) motions using a wall if needed to keep range in place!

Chin Tuck

When you tuck your chin and keep it elevated, the weight of gravity will pull down on your entire neck. This is a great position to relieve tension in that area while also keeping blood flow steady throughout every part of its length with less risk for developing vartegas syndrome!

Ear To Shoulder Stretch

This position is a great stretch for the lower back and spine, as well as relieving tension. To get into it: Sit up straight with one shoulder raised towards your ear (so that you are looking directly at this side). Then take control of both wrists on whichever arm they are closest to- either left or right -and pull them next door until either hand meets overtop their respective opposite number’s head like an open book waiting to be read! A simple move like “the Ears-to-Shoulder Stretch” can have many benefits including easing any muscle soreness after long hours sitting down.

Doorway Stretch

Stand with your back against the doorframe and lean forward while placing both hands outside shoulder width. Contract Your abs to engage them in this position, then slowly straighten up again until there is no tension on any muscles of movement or joint capsule compression.

Reach Stretch

Extend your hands in front of you with fingers extended and grasp them together. Look downward while doing this, then stretch toward the sky as far forward with each hand that is still touching its respective palm (or separate).

Ear To Shoulder Pull

To start, gently pull the back of your head toward an axilla. This is usually located on both shoulders for most people- but it can vary depending on where you live!

Shoulder Blade Squeeze

When you are sitting on the floor with your back against a wall, shoulder blades squeeze to straighten out and arch up from that position. Squeeze shoulders together while pressing them down into their sockets so they flatten like an accordion or fan shape  – try sliding them downward until they meet at waist level.

Neck pain can be an inevitable part of a desk job, abnormal sleep positions and proneness to injuries. However these neck stretches will help release some built up tension which should begin to soothe the burning sensation in your muscles! If you continue experiencing any discomfort after implementing these techniques with regular use then I recommend visiting your doctor or chiropractor who may have other treatment recommendations based on their examination findings.

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