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Nail Polish Boxes-Increase Your Business at CBZ

Custom Nail Polish Boxes: Cosmetic packaging needs perfect boxes for their sensitive products. Customboxeszone designs custom boxes to impress the customers, and they are available in flexible shapes and sizes. We design boxes with different color themes because it is necessary for wholesale hair extension packaging. To dip the toe in the market pool, the buyers have to focus on the quality of products and also the material quality.

Our team helps solve this problem because we provide packaging in quality materials like cardboard, corrugated, and Kraft. We use cost-effective and environmentally materials. We use our marvelous printing methods such as flexographic, offset, 3D printing, digital printing, and screen printing for eye-catchy packaging.

The techniques of CMYK and also PMS and also use to enhance the beauty of packaging boxes. Our customer support team is available 24/7 for our customers. The clients get 3D mock-up samples, free quotes, and add-on features. Our add-on features are a great choice to make the boxes attractive.

Build Perfectionist with Custom Boxes

Our unique custom nail polish boxes help your brand to excel in the market. The designers design the custom boxes with excellent artwork. People have bored to see the one-color box or a logo sticker. Now, they want trendy and most attractive packaging that catches their attention and also looks awesome on the shop’s shelf.

We suggest some tips that make your product brand and packaging distinctive. For custom nail polish boxes, select some sophisticated and attractive colors because they will become your product’s identity. We design custom boxes with your brand’s logo, tagline, and important information that gives an impressive look.

Selection of Material

Material is the most important factor of packaging that plays a vital role in increasing sales. Our company uses corrugate, cardboard, and Kraft material for nail polish packaging. It can dispose of easily and also reuse. To use this material is its durability and Eco-friendly nature for the packaging product. It is best considered for printing and securing the products while shipping. Such boxes cut into every shape easily and are also lightweight.

Styles & Size of Boxes

We offer all sizes of nail polish packaging. You can get different styles of boxes like one-piece boxes, two-piece boxes, 1, 2, 3 auto boxes, Chinese take-out boxes, claim shell, auto bottom, gable boxes, sleeve boxes, front and reverse boxes, tray boxes, kilo boxes, and also display boxes.

These are designs to protect the products from breaking, and some of these don’t need any glue or tape to close the box because they can lock by hand easily.

Importance of Printing For Nail Polish Boxes

Printing is an effective tool to make the packaging informative and appealing because it helps create the product’s identity in the market. Now, everyone wants printed custom boxes, and for it, they invest. We provide offset printing, digital printing, flexographic, screen printing, and also 3D printing for hair extension packaging. To enhance the beauty of boxes, we use CMYK and PMS colors. CMYK consists of four colors, but PMS has countless colors.

Demanded Features

There are many demanded features that we offer for custom boxes.

  • UV Spot

It is use to prominent the logo, slogan, artwork, and image.

  • Scoring Printing

Scoring is a process that allows the packaging to fold easily, and it looks like a line. It can use on heavy-weight paper like cardboard and also corrugated.

  • Perforation Printing

It’s use to separate the two-part parts of the material. It is used in flyers, stamps, calendars, coupons, etc.

  • Raised-Ink

It is called thermographic printing to get a raise effect. It is similar to embossing.

  • PVC Sheet

It is multi-layered boxes that safe the product from the outer environment.

  • Embossing & Debussing

Embossing creates the design up-ward of the nail polish packaging. Besides, debussing stamped-down the design; both are elegant and trendy.

  • Aqueous Coating

It is used to save printing because it is a waterproof coating material. You can take it in gloss and also satin lamination. It is a biodegradable coating.

  • Insertion

It is also known as packaging lays. This is used to fix the product inboxes. So, it keeps you safe. Insertion comes in paper and cardboard form.

  • Embellishment

This method is used to decorate the nail polish packaging. We can decorate custom boxes with different hand-made flowers, beads, ribbon bows, cardboard alphabet letters, etc.

  • Lamination

Our company offers three kinds of laminations gloss, matt, and satin. Mostly, people like gloss and matt lamination. Gloss lamination creates a shiny and smooth look, and also matt creates a velvety and natural look.

  • Foiling

Foiling is the latest technology that makes the boxes more appealing. It is a thin layer sheet that is available in gold and also silver.

Why Are We Best for Nail Polish Boxes?

Customboxeszone is the best packaging company that offers free quote-free 3D mock-up samples at the client’s request. Our technical team is 24/7 available for customer support. The company also introduces various wholesale discounts on custom nail polish box packaging at festivals. Our company provides free shipping in The USA and CANADA.

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