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Mistakes to avoid while developing React Native Apps

Mobile app developers are human too. Naturally, they can make mistakes. However, you can quickly learn about the kind of mistakes they make when you use React Native apps to build. With your new knowledge, you can adjust as soon as they start to deviate.

React Native has a lot to turn around when it comes to thunder. It has more than 1.6K providers which makes it a success. React Native is a framework with a bright, current, and future history. It has not escaped the eyes of a developer who is trying to gain popularity in the field of multi-platform application development.

React Native thunders among app developers do not seem to be expiring at any time. However, the industry is growing at a tremendous rate. Today, it is at a point where developers cannot avoid comparing traditional development methods with React Native.

Regular updates of the framework for further improvement also drive the need. Unfortunately, this need is also limited. Finally, at a basic level, developers will need to keep learning to complete the process of developing projects that they receive from clients like you.

Without a complete understanding of React Native, developers can make mistakes that will damage user information. It will also force business owners who hire them to inquire about their skills.

Now, your main goal is to run your business smoothly and ensure that it grows, survives, and thrives. You have nothing to do with app development. You just want to bring in a React Native app development company to oversee your project while focusing on your core business needs.

However, if you can save enough time to continue with this writing, you will learn about the mistakes that app developers can make. Armed with this information, you can view and point out all the errors in your developer team as they appear.

The love for React Native

Before we go into the details, here is a step-by-step explanation of why developers love React Native.

  • Using JavaScript

Whenever anyone enters the world of application development, they should start with JavaScript. It is one of the first programming languages ​​they learn. Naturally, when your developers use React Native, they find an important similarity to the title.

In simple terms, relying on React Native JavaScript reduces the learning curve.

  • Simple installation

Frames with a straightforward input process are usually advanced. As long as there are no complicated steps involved in it, developers can complete the installation process easily.

In that regard, people of the native application development company can install a framework using Node Package Manager. If selected developers know JavaScript, they may apply React Native over time.

  • Cross-platform to the bone

When someone says that React Native is a framework for cross-platform app development, he is not simply saying that it is for building mobile devices. Using React Native, trained and experienced developers can create digital products for smartwatches, smart TVs, VR headsets, and Windows devices.

Challenges of development

Now, it’s time to look at the challenges associated with developing mobile applications using React Native.

  • Native developer dependency

Here is the first issue that needs to be addressed in React Native. Due to the JavaScript operating system, cross-platform application developers often have to rely on native developers. This is especially true if they have to add heavy calculation systems and functionality to applications.

These applications force developers to remove the computational related component from the native application section. Understandably, you will need the services of a development company that also hires native developers.

  • Abstraction layer stringencies

When it comes to adding more functionality to applications built into React Native, your developers will need to install a solid layer on the native platform. This abstraction layer is notorious for some persistent problems. You should take the necessary steps to avoid these problems in React Native.

  1. Identifying the problems your developers have to solve in the removal layer is a daunting task.
  2. It relies heavily on third-party libraries and services.
  3. Subject to the use of custom designs.
  • No support for multiprocessing

React Native has only one JavaScript series. As a result, engine development company developers may encounter reduced performance standards if they have to run several processes at once. This is one of the most important limitations of React Native.

  • Difficulties in deploying iOS applications

When using React Native, developers are often frustrated because they can’t test the iOS device app for anything other than Apple’s Testflight. They need something better because they have to handle the issues of getting supply profiles and mandatory certificates.

This problem is not available on Android, however. The process of downloading apps to Android devices is smooth and hassle-free.

Mistakes to Avoid 

Lastly, this article will take you to the first topic of discussion – the mistakes your developers should avoid when building apps for React Native.

  • Incorrect estimation
  1. Version for Android and iOS versions– Despite the many reusable components, the properties will vary. Of course, the layout of the app can be completely different for Android and iOS.
  2. Backend endpoints- If you ask your developers to build a web app, ask them to check the different sites that are offered in the backend. Since they will have to manage the logic of the app, they have to write everything correctly. They should think about website design, how businesses are always connected, etc.
  3. Forms – Your app developers should also limit the verification structure. If they are building something using React Native, they should write more code compared to creating mixed solutions in Cordova or something similar.
  • Incorrect redux store planning

When app developers discover a new project, they can focus on the planning component of the application structure. They will not have to worry so much about data management.

Redux helps maintain accurate data. It also makes it easy to manage the application configuration function. When properly organized, it becomes a powerful tool for managing app data. However, misconduct will ruin many things.

There is another point to be made – building a Redux app is not the best thing for small projects.

  • Not going through the codes of external modules

Application development specialists often try to save time by using external modules. It makes their tasks easier and faster, especially since they have the necessary documentation.

However, the problem with these modules is that they often fail. It may not work as expected by the developer. That’s why you should ask your developer team to go through the code. Ask them to treat this step as one of the best ways to build applications using React Native.

  • The “console.log” statements

All mobile application developers are aware of React Native benefits from console log statements. They also help remove errors in application performance. However, problems begin to fade when developers leave log statements within the app.

This problem can be exacerbated in the future if your developers abandon the mind and give way inside. Asynchronous is very difficult as it often leads to JavaScript lines.

  • Not optimizing the images

Image editing in programs designed using React Native should be one of your developer’s priorities. It helps to resize images locally and upload the same to cloud storage, such as S3 with a server and get a CDN link that they can retrieve using the API.

This process will ensure that all images upload quickly.


Making the above-mentioned mistakes will damage the user experience. If you choose to hire an agency like Moon Technolabs, however, do not forget about these mistakes.

Moon Technolabs is one of the leading app development companies and software development companies you will find right now. Employers have also trained experienced developers who have worked on React Native apps projects for many years.

However, it is beneficial for you, the client, to be aware of these errors. If you work with Moon Technolabs, and if you find developers making one or more of these mistakes, you can report them immediately. However, such situations are rare. Do you want to relax easily at night knowing that your project is in skilled hands? If so, you should choose Moon Technolabs.

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