Linksys RE7000 WiFi Extender No Light? Simple Tips To Resolve It!

If you worry about Wi-Fi router wireless range, then you can simply resolve it with Linksys re7000 WIFi extender. It perfectly works with all routers,s access points, & even the gateway. But to improve the Wi-Fi router range, you need to perform the setup. Because without performing the setup, the router’s range does not improve. The Linksys WiFi extender works with next-gen AC technology, then it offers a faster wireless range. You can thoroughly take the wireless range around your home. The range extender works with Wi-Fi dead zone & Wi-Fi router. Then, dead zones or interrupted network signals are eliminated in your house. The MU-MIMO technology is more capable, which allows for multiple devices to get the stable Wi-Fi range. 

Besides, the advanced dual-band technology is more compatible with Linksys re7000 wireless range extender. With this technology, the range extender gives the Wi-Fi speed up to AC1900 plus. To improve the router range with this extender, the user is wondering about how to set up the extender? From http //myrouter.local, you can reach the setup wizard. Then, this wizard allows you to perform the setup in an instant manner. 

Why is there no light in Linksys RE7000 WiFi Extender? 

The smart LED indicator LED light is available on the Linksys re7000 range extender. With this light, you can effortlessly know the excellent location. Additionally, I also know the strong or weak Wi-Fi signal. This LED light is blinking in various colors, by which you know the range of the signal. If the Linksys re7000 WIFi extender is only one LED light that indicates the power of the extender is up now. If the two LED lights, that indicate the WPS function will enable. But if there is no LED light in the extender, it means that the power of the extender is not on. By following some steps below, you will easily know why there is no light in the range extender.

  • Power fluctuation
  • The range extender is not properly plugged into the power supply
  • Power button not turned ON
  • Range extender, not setup

Incredible tips to fix Linksys RE7000 WiFi Extender No Light

If there is no light in the range extender, then you cannot improve the range of the router and not enjoy the extended coverage. After knowing some common issues, if you want to fix the issue, then you can easily do it. Let’s start with how to fix the light issue. 

Trying to plug the extender into another power supply

No light issue is also due to the power supply in the range extender, so you can plug the extender into another power supply for this. But you have to unplug the range extender from the current power supply. You have to take the re7000 range extender & put it into another power supply. But you have to be sure that the power supply in which the extender will plug in is in working condition. 

Verify the power button is turned ON

To fix the no-light issue, you need to verify whether the power button in the Linksys re7000 WIFi extender is in the turn-on position. Because the power button also occurs. All you have to do is look at the range extender and check the power button. If the power button is not turned ON position, then you have to press this button & thoroughly turn ON the extender power. Moreover, you are also sure the power supply button is also turned ON. if not, then, push the power button to turn the ON position, & completely turn ON the power. 

Setup the Linksys re7000 WIFi extender with the router

To resolve the issue, you have to perform the range extender setup with the router. To perform the re7000 extender setup with the router, firstly select the position of the router. The position of the router is the same room, where your range extender will place. You can set up the range extender from any web browser and WPS button. To perform the setup of the Linksys extender with the WPS button, firstly push up the WPS button of the extender. Then, push up the router’s WPS button. After that, the LED light indicates green, which means the setup is complete. 

Reset the range extender & set it up again 

After setting up the extender, if there is no light in the range extender, you can reset the extender. This is the linksys re7000 troubleshooting tips to resolve the issue. To reset the Linksys re7000 WIFi extender, you have to use the small pin. This pin will press on the reset button of the extender. After resetting the extender, you have to set up the extender again. 

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