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Learn How to Explode Your Business Using the Power of Blogging

Sounds like a pretty obvious equation, doesn’t it?

But if you really stop and think about what all the search engine optimization folk are selling

if you consider how you spend most of your own energy,

I bet you’d be surprised how it only loosely fits into this equation, if at all.

Sure, more inbound links are good, and better Google PageRank is good, but let’s get real.

Having a site that converts a tiny percentage of your slowly increasing traffic into sales isn’t good business. It’s just a waste of time.

That’s because underlying all the tricks, all the techniques, all the “inside secrets”, the future of business on the Web is based on one key thing:


Good quality content written by industry experts help people identify the critical issues involved with a purchase and then helps them select the best match for their own needs.

Really good content allows you to gain traffic without paying a penny, it increases your visibility in your market segment and encourages other sites to link to you,

since they want to be associated with the industry leaders too, right?

But more than that, really good, high-quality content makes you FINDABLE, and that’s what online business is all about: if you can’t be found by your potential customers

you don’t exist to them. And if you don’t exist, how can they possibly buy your product or service?

For your business to thrive in the online world of the future, you must begin focusing on FINDABILITY today,

on establishing your credibility in your market, your expertise, leadership, and helpfulness.

I know this firsthand because for the last decade I’ve been working on building expert content on my Web sites.

Not trying to figure out how many pages I could generate, or how I could change the color of a link to encourage more sales,

but creating high-quality content that would establish me as an industry leader.

And it works!

There’s no silver bullet, however, no magical incantation that’ll turn you into a leading light in the industry within which you work,

but there is a secret tool that can help you work more efficiently, produce better content, stay ahead of the SEO race, and even have some fun along the way too.

The secret tool: blogging.

Go ahead, explore the world of business blogging and you’ll see that I’m widely considered one of the top experts in the world.

I’m quoted in newspapers, magazines, invited onto TV programs, linked from high-profile Web sites, and frequently invited to talk at conferences, workshops, and seminars.

How did I get here?

Through blogging.

Through thinking about the message I wanted to convey and writing about my own market segment

week after week, with wit and verve.

You can do it too.

I promise that with some study and practice

you will be able to reinvent your online business, increase your visibility, and, most critically, your FINDABILITY online.

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And I’m not talking about getting lucky with the next Google dance,

but creating a site that will gain visibility and stay as a top leader in your market, month in and month out.

After thinking about a lot of different ways to help people become top bloggers

 I’m pleased to offer you the chance to join my upcoming eight-week teleseminar

“Exploding Your Business With Blogging”, starting December 6th.

It’ll knock your socks off because we’re going to cover much more than just the basics you’ll find elsewhere on the net and in the latest crop of books.

For each of the eight weeks of the teleseminar,

you’ll be part of a virtual classroom while I step through an important aspect of Weblog design,

deployment and maintenance, peppered with great, invaluable insider tips and tricks.

Each class will be held via telephone so there’s no expensive and time-consuming travel involved

and you’ll have access to audio recordings of each class too, so you won’t miss a thing!

In addition, I’ll have office hours when you can contact me and we can work one-on-one, talking about your business, your marketplace,

your weblog, and brainstorm on the most effective directions for YOUR business.

Everyone who attends the teleseminar will also receive a signed copy of my recent book “

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Growing Your Business with Google”,

a book that Guy Kawasaki, Tom Peters,

Robert Scoble and other industry luminaries have said is a must-read for every entrepreneur.

But that’s not all that you’ll receive as a participant.

There’ll be lots more, including invaluable inbound links and an opportunity for your own online business to be profiled online, and much more.

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