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Knowing the SMPS / PSU Needs for your PC

Well, you know, SMPS or PSU is one of the most crucial parts of your desktop PC. A great and proper capacity power supply is needed for offering adequate power to all your computer components so that they work properly even at that of full load.

Whether you think of choosing corsair SMPS 550w or anything else; it has to be as per the requirement of your computer. Remember that the SMPS or PSU are available in diverse wattage (W) and with the diverse sum of currently listed on 12V Rail. The sum of current on 12V Rail is somewhat the most important and going to be deciding factor when selecting an SMPS. The reason for this is because all the prime components such as CPU, Hard Disk, Graphics Card, Fans etc. Draw their power from that of 12V Rail. Every single SMPS has a different amount current listed on that of 12V rail but you must definitely note that this current should definitely be sufficient enough for an SMPS or that of PSU of certain Wattage.

This simply means that a 400W SMPS must have at least 30A listed on its that of 12V rail, a 500W must surely have 40A or more and that of so on. Also, keep in mind that the 12V Rail in a single SMPS might or might not be forked into smaller units and in case it is divided then these kinds of psus are called multiple 12 rail power supplies.

Knowing your Power Supply Requirement

You should know that every single PC has its own power needs and for that power supplies of diverse capacities are available in the market. So, for diverse PC configurations, a power supply with a specific capacity is mostly used. For example, a PC needing up to 400 Watt, you may use a PSU of 400W – 450 Watt but in case you use a PSU of 300 Watt for such a thing then you must definitely face many issues like restarting, lessened performance and also you are going to be at a greater risk of damaging your computer components. So, it is wiser and safer to use the higher volume PSU rather than that of making use of the lower capacity one for the given power needs of your PC.  

Components that attract Major Power in your PC

Here are the components that attract or use the prime amount of power from your SMPS.

  • Hard Disk
  • Processor
  • Graphics Card
  • Fans

From the mentioned components, Graphics Card takes up or draws the utmost amount of power when playing games or simply running any type of graphics-intensive application. The point is if you face things that you think are because of power issues, you must not miss out on them. Talking to a professional would be a good idea to know what exactly is apt for your computer needs.


So, if you are selecting corsair SMPS 650w, it is not going to be a disappointment. But then if you are not sure what to choose; taking up professional assistance would be helpful.


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