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iS Clinical Active Serum before and after

Almost 80% of the world’s population is dealing with various skin problems. While many products claim to repair one or all the skin issues, half of them are not even close to what they boast on the package.

But iS Clinical Active Serum has received many positive reviews from its users. Touted as remarkable by Physicians, this potent skincare remedy possesses both immediate and long-term results.

It contains many botanical ingredients that positively affect the skin, repairing it from both inside and outside. Ingredients like Bilberry, Sugarcane, and White Willow Bark extract effectively cleanses the skin with gentle exfoliation, while Mushroom aids in brightening the skin complexion.

The users who have used the product have showered tremendous amounts of love for the product. We have interviewed one such shopper who has given all the hopes of getting her skin back to the flawless state it used to be in her childhood years.

is clinical ACTIVE SERUM

Before iS Clinical Active Serum

As stated by the user, she was having premature aging before she started using the product. The fine lines and wrinkles were clearly visible, especially around the eyes. She had tried many anti-aging creams before, but the results were unsatisfactory.

Furthermore, her skin was prone to acne, so she used to have frequent breakouts. And as the common problem acne leaves behind, she used to have red spots and uneven skin tone.

As if these problems were not enough, she started feeling her skin becoming dull and lifeless. It is then her friend suggested using this Active Serum. The product was an easily available brand that is clinical in South africa.

She had tried so many products before. So initially, she was sceptical about this one too. But after the constant insistence of her friend, she ordered the Serum.

After iS Clinical Active Serum

She started using the iS Clinical Serum according to the application instructions given on the package. The Serum comes in a light, water-based texture, so the application was seamless. At first, it gives a cooling sensation and then tingles for 2-3 minutes. But the tangling does not cause any discomfort, as she stated.

She applied at night before bed, and the results were instantly apparent the next morning. She noticed her red spots and blemishes significantly faded. And her face was radiating brightness without a wash.

Several days passed, and she observed her wrinkles, fine lines, and aging indicators were on a rapid fade. They were decreasing day by day. Along with this, she was having fewer breakouts, and her uneven skin tone and blemishes were completely gone.

She started as a sceptical trier who was not hopeful of getting any results from the iS Clinical Active Serum as others used before were not even slightly effective. And to her surprise, the product turned out to work for her.

The iS Clinical Active Serum came as a miracle in her life, as she said. It eliminated all the skin problems she was having and gave her bright, radiating skin. What she thought was a waste of money has become a routine skincare product, residing permanently on her bathroom shelf. She does not get tired of thanking iS Clinical for this brilliant product.


Where to buy iS Clinical beauty products online in South Africa?

iS Clinical is a well-known beauty skincare brand in South Africa, so its products are widely available throughout the country. However, if you do not have time to visit the physical store, you can buy these products online from 27PinkX. Our e-stores boast a range of iS Clinical products that you can get delivered to your doorstep in no time.

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