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Innovative Modern Conference Tables That Inspire Creativity

Today’s modern conference tables are more than just a place to gather. They’re a reflection of your organization’s culture and values, and they help to set the tone for the whole space.

The table should provide a platform for communication and encourage open collaboration. That’s why choosing a design that allows for flexibility and inclusivity is important.


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A modern conference table is the centerpiece of any office space. It’s where the ideas are born and where deals are made that skyrocket your business to success beyond your wildest dreams. It also acts as the backdrop for your employees’ favorite meeting place.

To build the ideal modern conference table you need to concentrate on three things: the top, the base legs and edge treatment. You can get creative by mixing and matching materials like frosted glass or wood veneer with cool edge styles in PVC, rubber and wood. For power and data connections you can select a table that offers below work surface plug-in units, or a full power trough.Ask your office furniture design coordinator for help figuring out what you need!


A well-designed modern conference table is a big part of any business’s success story. Having the right furniture in place can boost productivity, reduce downtime and enhance customer relations. Our top of the line tables are designed to wow. From sleek modern designs to timeless classics, you’re sure to find a table that fits your style.

For the techie types, our high-end solutions include the latest in laptop stands and rackmounts as well as a host of smart office and collaborative workspace innovations. Moreover, our patented SMARTdesksTM reshaping technology is just one of many ways that we can help your team be their best. Whether you’re in the market for new furniture or need to replace an existing piece, we have the perfect solution to your design dilemmas.


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Au Lait(tm)

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Today’s modern conference tables are designed to optimize communication & open collaboration. They inspire creativity and help teams work more efficiently.

There are many factors to consider when selecting the right modern conference table for your business. Typically, you want to choose the right top surface material for your needs, and a base style that complements it.

For example, you could add a grommet in the top for one power and one data connection or a larger power trough with full cable conduits that wrap from the base to the floor.


When your meeting space has a design that inspires creativity, you’re able to create more innovative solutions to the challenges of today’s work environments. The right modern conference table and credenza can help you do that.

A racetrack or oval shaped table can balance the scale of rectangular tables while still providing the best sightlines for presenters and guests. Hence, these shapes are great for medium sized conference rooms.

Using a round or circular table makes people feel like they are in control and has the benefit of creating good eye contact between attendees. It is also a great solution for smaller meeting spaces where saving space is essential.

Verb Active Media(tm)

A modern conference table with elegant chairs, a collaborative whiteboard and an open workspace creates a meeting space that inspires creativity. Having a relaxed environment to work in encourages participants to collaborate and share ideas, and helps boost productivity by giving your brain a break from the daily grind of working.

VERB(tm) was a CDC-funded ‘for-kids-by-kids’ multicultural campaign that used commercial methods of youth marketing to promote physical activity among young people (tweens). So, the aims were to increase and maintain tweens’ participation in physical activity; and to provide a branded campaign identity that tweens could recognise and relate to.

Elbrook Active Media(tm)

Elbrook Active Media(tm) embodies the modern office in style, functionality and a sense of play. It is an innovative modular system that allows you to configure your own unique conference table for an individualized solution to any need.

However, this table boasts a patented flipIT monitor mount for flexible data visualization, and fully integrated power and data connections that keep cables neat and tidy.

The most impressive feature of this table is how it is craft to adapt to changing needs in a space to support a wide range of applications. Whether you’re relocating an entire classroom to a new location or just need to shuffle things around in a smaller room, Elbrook has you covered. The company’s knowledgeable and friendly design consultants will help you find the best solutions for your organization.

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