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In 2023, fake watches Blancpain’s first “heavyweight” new watch will come out. Omega, Rolex, and Audemars Piguet will also make “big moves”?

Fake watches: 2023 is an important year for many famous watch brands. Including Rolex, Omega, Blancpain, and Audemars Piguet, 2023 will usher in the anniversary of their flagship models. This is doomed, these brands will launch heavyweight new watches this year. What specific styles will be released, let’s see one by one below.

Blancpain 50 Fathoms, 70th anniversary, the first new watch has been launched

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The reason why Blancpain fake is placed first is because just entering 2023, Blancpain is the first to launch a new “anniversary” watch. Blancpain 50 Fathoms, which came out in 1953, is the 70th anniversary of Blancpain 50 Fathoms this year. The first new watch of Blancpain’s 70th anniversary commemorating the 50 Fathoms has been released.

Blancpain, born in 1735, is the oldest watch brand in Swiss history and the first registered watch brand in the world. As one of the top manufacturers of complex mechanical fake watches, Blancpain is also one of the very few brands in the world that can design, develop, manufacture, assemble and sell all by itself.

According to the current news, Blancpain will launch 3 watches in commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the 50 Fathoms, each limited to 70 pieces (a total of 210 pieces).

Each model is for sale in one region.

The first model announced now is for sale in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa; the second model is for sale in the Asia-Pacific region; and the third model is for sale in the United States.perfect replica watches

The first model of the 70th Anniversary 50 Fathoms, officially called Series I (later II and III), mainly “restores” the appearance of the first 50 Fathoms in 1953, and is equipped with the latest technical configuration. The size of the steel case is 42 mm, which is also very close to the historical prototype in 1953 (the antique model is 41 mm). The new 70th anniversary 50 Fathoms uses the iconic sapphire bezel of 50 Fathoms, plus a raised sapphire mirror, imitating the appearance of antique perfect replica watches. The hands and hour markers on the dial of the watch are also very similar to the 1953 prototype. But on the 70th anniversary model, Blancpain uses a new three-dimensional luminous scale, retains the 4 o’clock calendar, and writes “70th Anniversary Series I” on the dial.

The 70th anniversary of the 50 Fathoms uses the Blancpain 1315 automatic movement. You can see that the words Fifty Fathoms 70th are engraved on the automatic rotor. The style is different from the current conventional 50 fathoms semi-circular automatic rotor. There is no change in the technical configuration of the movement, using silicon hairsprings, and 5 days of power.

Blancpain 50 Fathoms 70th Anniversary Series I, using the 1315 movement, the automatic rotor shape imitates the antique watch.

Omega Seamaster, 75th Anniversarybest fake watches

The historical Omega fake watches Seamaster was born in 1948, and this year marks its 75th anniversary. The 25th and 75th anniversary are also very important, because the 75th anniversary is equivalent to 3/4 of a century.

The first Omega seahorse in 1948 was completely different from the common seahorse diving watch now. The Seamaster in 1948 was a formal watch style. The first seahorse in 1948 absorbed the waterproof and dustproof technology provided by Omega to the British military fake watches during World War II, and launched a civilian version of the watch, which was the earliest “waterproof” watch in Omega history (waterproof 60 meters) . On the 70th anniversary of the Omega Seamaster (2018), Omega launched a limited edition of the 70th anniversary of the Seamaster, which restored the style of the Seamaster in 1948. This year marks the 75th anniversary of the hippocampus. According to Omega’s past habit of launching limited editions and special editions, this year’s hippocampus is likely to launch a special edition hippocampus. Players can pay attention.

Rolex Submariner 70th Anniversary; Daytona 60th Anniversarybest fake watches

The historical Rolex Submariner was born in 1953 and this year marks its 70th anniversary; Rolex Daytona was born in 1963 and this year marks its 60th anniversary.

Unlike Omega, Rolex has never launched special or limited editions. But Rolex often launches heavyweight best fake watches  in commemorative years. For example, 2003 is the 50th anniversary of the Rolex Submariner, and it was in this year that Rolex launched the first-generation Green Submariner 16610LV. In 2020, Rolex has updated the Submariner to the 126610 generation. Even though there will not be much change, this year, the Submariner can also pay a little attention.

Compared with the Submariner, Daytona deserves more attention this year. Since 2000, when Rolex Daytona was replaced with Rolex’s self-produced 4130 automatic movement for the first time, in the following 23 years, Daytona has not changed much except for upgrading the ceramic ring. This year is the 60th anniversary of Daytona. Although some people believe that Daytona’s major upgrade will not come until the 75th anniversary (2038), but this year, some people think that Rolex will use a new dial color, perhaps Green disk, welcoming the 60th anniversary.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore, 30th Anniversary

The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore was born in 1993 and this year marks its 30th anniversary. Audemars Piguet’s first Royal Oak was launched in 1972. In 1989, Audemars Piguet hoped to launch a Royal Oak that could be popular with young people. Designed by Emmanuel Gueit, the result is the Royal Oak Offshore. The Offshore is larger and sportier than the regular Royal Oak.

In the past two years, Audemars Piguet has intensively updated the Royal Oak and the Royal Oak Offshore. Among them, the offshore diving watch was replaced to 15720, and the offshore timing was replaced to 26238 and 26420, and all of them have been replaced with Audemars Piguet’s new generation of self-produced 4300/4400 series movements. Therefore, this year is the 30th anniversary of the offshore model. The major upgrade has been completed before, and there should be a special commemorative model.

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