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Improve Instagram marketing strategy in 2022

Keep backgrounds and lighting consistent

The first step is to make sure that your photos and videos are visually consistent while making an instagram strategy. If you own a restaurant, for example, don’t picture your menu items against a new backdrop for each article. Maybe you’re trying for a rustic look.

In this situation, you might choose to shoot your cuisine on a huge wooden slab or board to give it a more rustic appearance. Light backgrounds usually work nicely, and if you’re shooting with natural light, make sure you’re shooting outside or near a window rather than in direct sunshine, since the glare will be too sharp.

Stick to the same filters in Instagram

Following up on the previous advice, applying the same Instagram filters on all of your photos will make them look more coherent. Figure out which filters are best for the look you want to achieve, and then experiment with your own editing abilities. I usually apply my own modifications by brightening up the photo, adding saturation to bring out the colors, and tilt shifting the image to focus on the main topic.

Use a consistent list of hashtags in Instagram

Not only will hashtags save you time, but a well-researched hashtag list will ensure that you reach the proper audience every time you post. It’s a good idea to keep a list of your most often used hashtags in a note on your phone or computer so you can copy and paste them into each photo you upload.

It’s fine to throw in a few unusual ones now and then, but keeping hashtags consistent will make your life easier and ensure that your feed gets seen by as many people as possible. Hashtagging is also an important component of Instagram SEO, since it can help you rank higher in search results and increase engagement.

Keep a consistent posting schedule

Maintaining a consistent posting schedule is critical for meeting your audience’s expectations and keeping them engaged. Your followers may be less likely to see your post if you publish once a day for a week and then don’t post for a month. When you finally decide to post again, they may no longer be following you.

Fortunately for those of you social media marketers out there, Instagram makes this simple. It allows you to simply schedule your posts and stay on track with your approach. You might also look into third-party social media management software to assist you with this.

Keep copy and content on-brand

Last but not least, it’s critical to make sure your copy and content are constantly consistent with your brand voice. It’s important not to overlook the copy that goes with your Instagram posts or advertising. It should always be written with your primary audience in mind, and it should provide context for the image. Putting yourself in your followers’ shoes will help you give the most relevant, consistent, and engaging content possible.

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