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Important Requirements of Corrective and Preventive Electrical Maintenance

Electrical Services in Dubai


The term “maintenance” has gained a lot of strength in the last century, due to the growing demand for equipment, machinery, tools and processes in the workplace and industry. Maintenance tasks originally limits to correcting faults and changing damaged parts of important equipment. Electrical Services in Dubai

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These activities carry out by the same operators or workers in charge of the machines. These do not specialize in knowledge of them and only know based on his experience. To this they know corrective maintenance.

Corrective Maintenance

Over time, the high costs involve in carrying a team became evident. until his point from failure for later replaces Machines. So, what to avoid high expenses in corrective maintenance. It began to require to the workers. Continue the indications and recommendations from the manufacturers for to extend the lifetime Useful from the machines and to get the better processes. It was increasing the reliability and safety of personnel, through simple tasks of inspection.

Preventive Maintenance

With the arrival of preventive maintenance, the efficiency of processes in the industry revolutionizes, since not only were the guides, inspection manuals, safety protocols, etc.  But also, with highly qualified personnel on anyone from the different processes industrial. What would guarantee better utilization of resources, better functioning of machines and greater security for the people. To the same what a big decrease from the costs in corrective maintenance and unexpected economic losses stops.

Maintenance Tasks at Substations

Since they did not have the specialized personnel to carry out maintenance tasks at the department’s main substations. These being primarily of the patio and encapsulated type. And due to the faults, that presents Over the years in the substations. It forces to contract the maintenance service to a company specialized in this work. Looking for Electrical Services in Dubai

On the eagerness to guarantee the continuity of the electrical energy service and the correct functioning of the equipment of the different substations. This sees the realization of this project as necessary and standardize to the indispensable procedures in a preventive maintenance plan. This would achieve a reduction in the budget for spare parts, higher reliability on the service from electrical Energy and higher safety for other people.

To Develop a Preventive Maintenance Plan

The general objective is to develop a preventive maintenance plan based on the updates of the technical characteristics of the medium and high voltage substations of the encapsulated and patio type supervises.

Among the specific objectives are:

  • Identify the different maintenance activities of electrical equipment installed in the different substations.
  • Create alternatives of the maintenance plan that suits the needs of the company.
  • Develop a preventive maintenance plan that allows to minimize failures and economic losses as well as occupational risks.
  • Reduce potential risks in the execution of maintenance tasks.
  • Design formats and manuals that facilitate and guarantee the appropriate follow-up of the status and conditions of the substation equipment.
  • Analyze the maintenance predictive What it They are the inspections thermographic and ultrasound that makes periodically to each critical equipment of the main substations with the finish from complement the final report.

Create a base from data, what allow organize all the information the draft maintenance such as formats, reports, lists, procedures, protocols, inspections, photographic material, single-line diagrams etc. Training of the personals to use the Right plan from Preventive Maintenance.

Frame Conceptual Company: Industrial Technical Assistance

It is a company dedicated to the benefit from services from engineering civil, electrical and mechanics on the branches of assembly, supervision, and maintenance, for public and private companies throughout the country.

Performs management of public services in portfolio recovery and billing. Based, its main clients are in this department. In general, the following presents as main services:

  • Design, assembly, supervision, and maintenance of electrical networks up to 500 kV.
  • Assembly and maintenance of equipment electromechanical.
  • Management of public services: Recovery of losses, portfolio recovery and billing


A company that provides services in civil, electrical, and mechanical engineering focused on assembly, supervision, and maintenance. It executes the management of public services in the electricity sector for public and private companies.

Important Requirements

It should have logistical support, trained personnel, adequate tools and equipment, up-to-date technology that allows it to develop and comply with the industrial and technical assistance acquires human management, occupational health, and environmental commitments. In this way, it guarantees the satisfaction of the interest groups, fulfilling their expectations and requirements.

Regarding maintenance and assembly of substations, has a team conformed from an engineer resident, a supervisor, two drivers and various electrical technicians? Who travel in a workshop car to the corresponding work site? The company has set up two workshop trolleys, each with a specific use, that is, one for substation maintenance and the other for assembly, although sometimes it is necessary to use both due to the demands of the work. Each workshop equips with tools, test and safety equipment, endowments, spare parts, and duly organized elements, which are necessary when making the job.

Management of Electrical Maintenance

Assistance of a solid and nationally recognized business in assembly, maintenance and supervision of electrical and mechanical civil engineering projects and service and public management. Every studio furnishes with many  instruments. These are test and security hardware, enrichments, spare parts, and properly coordinated components, which are essential while making the work.

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