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If you want to buy a replica watch, it is Longines replica watches

Replica watches: The word “vintage” has been seen everywhere in the past two years. It has multiple meanings, but the most widely circulated interpretations are vintage, middle-aged, and antique. This is mainly because the fashion circle has once again blown up the retro trend.

Retro has different interpretations in different fields, and in the watch circle we are familiar with, the most intuitive manifestation is definitely the replica watch. It is based on the brand’s historical classic models and is produced using modern watchmaking techniques. While meeting the needs of retro fans, it also ensures the performance of the watch.

Longines must be one of the brands with the most experience in ‘re-engraving’, which is closely related to its profound historical heritage. In 1832, Auguste Agassi founded the Longines brand in Soimia, a small town in the Jura Valley of Switzerland. Advanced watchmaking technology is always at the forefront of the times.Replica Swiss Watches

During these 190 years, Longines has launched many classic and timeless watches. Based on this, the brand has also specially developed a “classic replica series” to reproduce the style of antique Replica Swiss Watches, such as the familiar “little freckles” and “one-eyed dragon”. “Tuxedo” and other timepiece works have aroused wide acclaim once they appeared, and are favored by retro style lovers.

In 2022, Longines added a timepiece with both speed measurement function and retro aesthetics to its family of replica watches. This is also the first speed measurement chronograph watch in the pioneer series.

Exploring the origin of the chronograph, we can trace back to the beginning of the 19th century and find Louis Moinet. Louis Moinet, who was born in 1786, has multiple identities and is versatile. In 1816, he invented a mechanical instrument called “Compteur de Tierces” with a timing accuracy of 1/60 second, but this technological miracle did not attract attention. Pay attention to. Until 1821, the royal watchmaker Nicholas Rieus used an instrument designed by himself to time horse races at the Champ de Mars in Paris. This was also the first device known as the “chronograph”.

Since then, chronographs have become popular in all walks of life. As a pioneer in watchmaking, Longines has naturally launched many classic chronographs. On them, it is not difficult to see the shadow of the new pioneer series replica watches.

The 1930s and 1940s are widely considered to be the golden age of watches. The smoke of World War II has not yet dissipated, and the principle of “pragmatism” has become the mainstream. Chronographs with practical functions such as pulse meters and speedometers have emerged as the times require. On this antique Longines watch, we can see the distance measuring and speed measuring dials. This design was not only very popular at the time, but also used today. Perfect Fake Watches

Looking back at the new Pioneer series replica watch, in my opinion, it is more like a “master”. This watch is similar to some classic Longines watches in appearance while continuing to use the function of the speed measuring instrument panel. , such as this special watch equipped with the legendary movement 13ZN. We can see that it already has the prototype of a modern Longines chronograph, but the chronograph minute dial of this watch is 60 minutes instead of 30 minutes, which is relatively rare in the current watch market.

Of course, re-engraving is not a copy of classic watches, but an innovation of classic designs to make it more suitable for the current mainstream aesthetics. Longines has done a good job in this regard. Take this pioneer series replica watch as an example. It follows the characteristics of antique watches in terms of function and layout, but the details also reveal a modern style.

The biggest feature of this watch is that it is equipped with a tachymeter scale ring on the basis of the timing function, adding a tachymeter function. So what is the difference between timing and speed measurement? To put it simply, the speed measurement function is realized on the basis of the timing function. The timing function can calculate the time you need to walk a certain distance, and the speed measurement function can see the speed when you walk this distance.

After talking about the speed measurement function, let’s appreciate the appearance of this watch. The watch adopts black gold color as a whole, with a black matte dial and willow-shaped hands. The golden Arabic numerals display the even hours, and the odd hours are indicated by delicate scales, showing an elegant style.

Friends who pay attention to antique watches should notice that many antique watches do not have a date window. This watch inherits this design, which not only ensures the integrity of the dial,

but also makes the small second dial at 3 o’clock and the dial at 9 o’clock The 30-minute counter is more eye-catching.

For retro-style Perfect Fake Watches, the curved watch mirror has become a standard configuration,

and Longines has also covered this design with multi-layer anti-reflective coating,

so that the wearer can clearly read the time under strong light, of course. This is also the embodiment of the combination of modern technology and antique watch design we mentioned earlier.

I don’t know if you have any doubts when you see this watch. Why did Longines put it in the pioneer series instead of the classic replica series? I got the answer when I saw its movement.Perfect Fake Watches

The Pioneer series was launched on the occasion of the 185th anniversary of the establishment of the brand,

which itself contains a relatively profound meaning. The previous works of this series are basically three-hand watches,

and the addition of new works fills the gap between the Pioneer series of complex function watches. blank. In addition, the whole series of watches in this series are

certified by the COSC Observatory travel time and reliable performance.

This movement has a built-in silicon hairspring. This material has the characteristics of strong anti-magnetic properties and high flexibility. It is still very common in new products launched in recent years. However, going back to 2017, Longines launched the Pioneer series equipped with silicon hairsprings at that time,

which shows the brand’s watchmaking strength.

Not only that, the L895.4 movement has added a timing module on the basis of the original junior needle,

and still has a power reserve of about 59 hours, which can be said to be the most capable of Longines replica watches.

The new Pioneer Series replica watch once again enriches the family of Longines replica watches, but it is different from conventional replica watches. It does not reproduce a certain classic work in a single way, but learns from others and integrates many classic designs and functions. In one body, the watch has more retro charm and cultural heritage.

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