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Ideas of duvet covers to sleep warm

How to Plain-dyed duvet covers set to sleep warm. The cold seems to have settled in our homes, and  ​​taking out our duvet to warm up the cold nights resonates more and more. However, it is possible that you have changed your bedroom decoration or that your old duvet cover no longer works. In this case, we will show you some ideas for duvet covers to sleep warm this winter and, in addition, fill your bedroom with style and design.

Discover some of our duvet covers

At Imperial Rooms, we have several types of duvet covers so that you can dress your room with the best textiles. Choose between cotton or polyester duvet covers and between plain or patterned for all types of beds.

These are some of the models we have to give you an idea:

Plain Cotton Duvet Cover Grey

This grey duvet cover is available in various colors and is made of excellent quality 144-thread cotton. A fresh and enveloping cover that, thanks to its finish, prevents displacement (no matter how much you move at night).

Its closure with lid and flap prevents the filling from coming out. This way, you can sleep knowing that the padding is precisely placed when you get up.

The sanforizing and mercerizing processes will ensure that once you wash your cover, it comes out the same size as when it came in. Choose your color and create the perfect sleeping environment.

Tricolor Charcoal Duvet Cover

Another of our star models includes either the cover-only option (only the upper cover) or the set (consisting of the charcoal duvet cover itself, the bottom sheet and the pillowcase).

The fitted sheet is ideal for mattresses with a height of 28 cm, a detail to consider to ensure total comfort at bedtime.

It is a unique and innovative design that includes three types of fabrics and uses a mixture of 50% cotton and polyester. In this way, a much more durable textile garment is achieved.

Space Duvet Cover

This children’s duvet cover is inspired by the solar system, a design that will allow the imagination of the little ones in the house to reach the farthest galaxy.

Its pillowcase contrasts with the duvet cover. And it is a 50% cotton and 50% polyester duvet cover.

Sizes and measurements of duvet covers

The most common sizes and measurements of duvet covers that we have at Estelia are:

90 cm bed: 160 x 220 cm.

105 cm bed: 190 x 220 cm.

135 cm bed: 220 x 220 cm.

150 cm bed: 240 x 220 cm.

180 cm bed: 260 x 240 cm.

Normally, almost everyone buys a cover larger than the bed to find more movement range. However, another reason to choose a larger size is the mattress’s thickness. It is always better to have more than not to lack.

Find your ideal duvet cover! If you need to know which size to choose or have doubts about which design model to choose. Do not hesitate to contact us! We will be happy to help you.


When it comes to dressing the bed for cold nights, various options open up. Quilt, duvet, quilt. All of them serve to cover us and make us sleep warm and comfortable. But they are not the same.

That is why we want to help you clarify the differences between the most common: the duvet and the duvet. In this way, you can choose the one that best meets your needs.

What is a duvet?

The comforter is a separate piece. Depending on the need for heat, it can be purchased more or less heavily. This is usually designed with final finishes: prints, solid colors, and drawings. This is because it ends up being the final piece that dresses the bed. I mean, you don’t need anything else.

It is one of the most used options and is the substitute for blankets on the bed. In this choice, we would complete the bed with a bottom sheet, a top, and a pillowcase.

What is a duvet or duvet cover?

As its name indicates, a duvet or duvet cover is a cover where we include the filling.

This padding can be made of feathers or fibers depending on budget and need.

In this case, the duvet is not an independent piece (since it needs the padding); but it does have fewer requirements. When dressing the bed, we only need the pillowcase and the bottom sheet; since the duvet replaces the top sheets.

What is the difference between them? Which is better?

Therefore, as you can see, both options are perfect for spending winter days.

A clear difference between a duvet and a duvet is the possibility of changing the filling of the duvet cover for a thicker one in winter and a thinner one in autumn and spring. This is how we adapt the heat levels we need.

On the other hand, we would play with the top sheets with the duvet: a warmer or flannel one for winter and a cotton or cooler one for halftime.

What is a duvet sheet?

It is a garment similar to a set of sheets that, due to its shape and fold formation, houses ample space inside to store the duvet filling. In other words, it is a washable cover filled with warm material, which serves as the blanket and top sheet. Duvet covers are the most comfortable option. -You forget extra bedding. With a good duvet cover and a quality filling, you no longer need anything else

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