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How you can Become a MEAN Stack Developer?

For developing web applications, the MEAN stack employs a JavaScript framework. However, a MEAN stack developer develops dynamic, interactive, intuitive websites by handling frontend and backend server programming. Thus, if you are interested in web development, learning more about this job role might help you determine whether you want to go for a Mean Stack Developer Training in Gurgaon and want to grow your career in this field.

MEAN Stack Developer: Meaning

MEAN stack developers are IT experts who create online apps using JavaScript technologies such as MongoDB, Express, Angular, and Node.js.

  • MongoDB, a document-oriented database that stores records and functions as a NoSQL database, is an integral component of the MEAN stack. It is free and open-source software that assists developers in working with large and dispersed datasets.
  • Express is a free and open-source Node.js web development application framework. However, developers mostly use this application to create online apps and application interface programs (APIs).
  • js is a framework for developing dynamic web applications. It is a robust JavaScript framework that developers utilize in a single-page application (SPA) project.
  • js, an open-source and cross-platform JavaScript runtime environment, is a crucial backend framework component of a MEAN stack. It entails designing real-time applications and the development of network and server-side applications.

Step-by-Step Guide to becoming MEAN Stack Developer

To become a MEAN Stack Developer, follow the below-mentioned steps.

Complete your Graduation

The first step toward becoming a MEAN stack developer is to complete your 10+2 in a science stream with mandatory topics such as maths, physics, and chemistry. Moreover, candidates who have completed their 10+2 can pursue Bachelor of Science (BSc), Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA), Bachelor of Technology (BTech), or Bachelor of Engineering (BE) degrees in Computer Science and related fields.

Go for an Internship

Consider applying for an internship in a similar job while studying. It might help you advance your skills and learn more about the business. However, employers frequently prefer MEAN stack engineers with prior experience. It can help you get recruited for a desirable position.

Pursue your Masters

After getting your bachelor’s degree and gaining some experience, you can then concentrate on pursuing your master’s degree. A degree such as M.Sc, MCA, or M.Tech can help you advance your career goals. Though getting a master’s degree is not mandatory for this position, businesses prefer to choose applicants with a master’s program for senior positions. Moreover, a master’s degree broadens your skill set and improves your ability to build engaging, intuitive, and dynamic websites.

Learn Important Programming Languages

To become a MEAN stack developer, you must be fluent in several programming languages. The popular language is the hypertext markup language (HTML). Many programmers use this language to arrange online content. The next language is CSS since it controls the appearance of your website. Also, you may use CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) to add colour and text to your webpage. Moreover, you may become proficient in JavaScript, which helps to make the website more user-friendly.

Get Familiar with web development Framework

You may use programming languages to build layouts and create aesthetically appealing websites. However, for a successful career as a MEAN stack developer, it is necessary to know the framework and libraries. You may create completely working websites, apps, and applications by utilizing web development framework capabilities. Thus, it is crucial to be familiar with frameworks and libraries such as jQuery, Java Spring, and AngularJS.

Learn backend languages & technologies

MEAN stack developers need to be familiar with a few backend development languages. Thus, understanding backend development procedures is vital as it focuses on data operations rather than user experience.

Knowledge of Database

A MEAN stack developer must be familiar with and proficient in one or two databases. However, the ability to run frequently used databases can help developers in data storage. As each database has its own set of advantages and uses, database usage may differ from project to project.

Understand the Basic Design

A basic understanding of design and its multiple components is necessary for a successful career as a MEAN stack developer. Also, learning how users view and engage with a website is crucial. In addition, knowledge of fundamental prototype design, UX design, and UI design will help you create user-friendly web apps and websites.

Create Resume & Apply for Jobs

After completing your education and gaining relevant experience, concentrate on building your resume that focuses on your talents, education, certifications, and experience. After creating your CV, you need to start applying for appropriate job positions.


Hopefully, you find this article informative. We have compiled the stepwise process to become a MEAN Stack Developer. This process will help you with the right career decision and help you to gain proper knowledge. Therefore, to make a career in this field of study, it is necessary to go for Mean Stack Developer Training in Noida.

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