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How to Use Your Amazon Gift Card and Get the Most Out of It

If you have an Amazon gift card, you can use it to make purchases from one of the biggest online retailers around. But do you know how to use your Amazon gift card and get the most out of it? Here are some tips to help you use your Amazon gift card and make sure that you don’t end up with unused funds on it.

Check your balance

You can check your balance by tapping Your Account, then Gift Cards. If you have multiple gift cards, be sure to log into each account so you can track each balance individually.

Once you have your total balance, you can start using it on anything at all in your cart—even if it’s more than what is left on a card (so long as shipping stays below $35). You must spend 100% of your available balance before that credit automatically expires in 5 months.

Redeem your gift card

Once you have a gift card, you’ll be prompted to log in. Once logged in, select Your Account in the top right corner.

Click on Gift Cards Balance under your account. To redeem your gift card click on Redeem a gift card or promotional code at the top left corner.

Check out special offers

This is a great way to save on shipping costs. Many companies offer special deals and promotions that you’re able to take advantage of if you use their services.

For example, if you’re an Amazon Prime member, it’s really easy to get free, 2-day shipping at no extra charge. This can be a huge money saver for consumers who buy lots of products online!

Amazon Gift Card

Add your gift card to a wallet

You can’t use a gift card until you add it to your Amazon account, so head to your account, click on Your Account and then click on Manage Payment Methods.

You should see a spot labeled Add a payment method. Click that, then choose your gift card from the list. The gift card should appear in your account just like any other payment method.

Put your card in the Wallet app (iPhone only)

The new iOS 11 Wallet app provides a way for you to store your gift card—and potentially more. If you have an Apple Pay-capable device, then you can load all or some of your cards into Apple’s new digital wallet (yes, wallet).

Just tap on one of your gift cards in Wallet, then slide over Add To Apple Pay. The next time you go through a checkout process that uses that credit card or Apple Pay, it’ll show up as an option.

And if you’re using another form of payment that has a barcode, such as some gift cards or transit passes, just open up Wallet while holding your phone near the register.

Save time with 1-click purchases

There’s a reason why online shopping is so popular—it saves time. No more driving all over town trying to find what you’re looking for, no more waiting in line at cash registers.

If you’ve got an entire day where your hands are free, it’s easy to go on shopping sprees online (and when you do that, be sure you use your gift card!)

Even if your only free time is a few minutes here and there throughout your day, don’t forget about shipping times. With services like Prime Now, you can get everyday items delivered quickly with just one click.

Create an order for a later date

Shop and ship with your gift card before you actually need it. If you’re giving an Amazon gift card, have it shipped directly to someone else’s house so they can receive it in time for a birthday or other event.

When shipping your order, request a cargo freight international delivery so that your package is insured and covered.

And don’t forget that you can also use your discount to buy an additional gift card—either as a practical backup plan or as an extra token of thanks. There are lots of great uses for an extra $10!

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