How to use social media in healthcare marketing

The versatility of the content offered by social media, which includes videos, photos, surveys, and text content, has led many health professionals to interact with their patients via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. It is a real medical marketing strategy designed to involve the largest number of potential patients and make themselves known in the web world.


  • How to use social media in healthcare marketing
    • How important is social media in healthcare marketing?
    • Does health marketing across social media work?
    • How to utilize social media in healthcare marketing?
  • What content to publish on social media?
      • Educational content
      • Inspirational content
      • Take advantage of hashtags
      • “Behind the scenes” content
  • UGC User Generated Content

How important is social media in healthcare marketing?

Until a few years ago, ​​following your doctor on social media might have seemed bizarre, but today it is no longer the case. Social media healthcare marketing has become a fundamental healthcare tool for many doctors, clinics, and hospitals.

According to a research report, 80% of social media users are looking for health information, and half of them are searching the web for a specific medical professional.

Does health marketing across social media work?

A report by Adobe Digital Insights said that social media is the most relevant advertising channel for 50% of Generation Z and 42% of millennials. This fact makes us understand how strong the impact that a presence or absence on social media healthcare marketing can have on a professional. As far as healthcare marketing is concerned, social media are now essential to involve patients with precise and rapid information and offer their public a healthcare experience in step with the times.

Therefore, the web people already seem to be part of this important revolution in conceiving Healthcare Marketing.

How to promote your medical practice using social media?

Social media allow a decisive advantage in medical marketing, allowing patients to interact in real-time with their doctor, ask questions and seek information.

The websites and pages of a healthcare professional must be effective information support networks. One example is Patients Like Me, which allows patients to exchange information about their medical conditions with other patients.

What content to publish on social media?

The content you share on your social media should give a message of positivity and hope to your patients, so carefully consider what kind of articles, images, and texts you want to post. A good healthcare marketing agency includes different content to respond to the most varied needs.

Educational content

How many people surf the web looking for a self-diagnosis? Health tips and trivia will increase the trust your patients place in you.

Inspirational content

You can use social media to convey positivity by sharing stories that inspire your clients.

Take advantage of hashtags

Thanks to hashtags, social media in healthcare can become a vital healthcare marketing tool. Here’s a post from Northwestern Medicine that tapped into this potential of social media:

“Behind the scenes” content

Talk about how your social media work goes. Transparently showing how you operate on your patients will be a great social media healthcare marketing. Showcase your work environments and hilarious moments with your team.

UGC User Generated Content

In some cases, the best way to highlight the results of your work is to let your patients speak.

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