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How to set up hosting for your business?

The managed business plan includes unattended settings. WordPress 100% Managed is pre-installed on the web company and webUp, just like most of the vendors listed. So for the inexperienced, this difficult step is not a problem for this plan. In any case, most hosting nowadays is established in a short process that is unlikely to take a series of steps:

  • Find the most suitable plan

  • Log in to cPanel with your credentials.

  • Assign the domain you will use.

  • Install WordPress or any other CMS.

  • Everything is ready!

The advantage of pre-configured hosting is that it is fast and secure. However, this has its consequences, because it will be lost in the customization of the website. Therefore, if the project has professional ambitions, it is recommended to use paid hosting, which is affordable today and allows you to configure more features.

For this reason, when installing the host, you will have tools that allow you to customize each element. Therefore, after signing a contract to provide services, you must install almost everything.

What to pay attention to when choosing a host


Unfortunately, no company can guarantee that your website will run 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. But for a good provider, site unavailability is very rare (about 1%). Remember, the more profit your website brings, the more visitors and the more important the accessibility factor is to you.


Although you may not need to communicate with the support staff frequently (for example, when the site is unavailable, hacked, or there is a problem with the software update), in these cases, the support staff will respond quickly and effectively.

Before buying a host, be sure to check how the company works with customers. After all, good promises are often untrue.


If you plan to grow your project from a small business card size to a large platform with thousands of visits per day, then you need to focus on features such as scalability. A good hosting service provider should easily adapt to traffic growth and provide additional technical resources for growing projects.


When choosing a web hosting provider, you must not only consider the price of the service package you purchase. These costs are just the tip of the iceberg. Be sure to calculate the full price. What’s this? The full price includes the price of the package of services listed on the company’s website (direct price) and the amount of profit you may lose due to technical problems and invalid support (indirect price).


Here are some simple ways to learn more about the company you plan to use: research information about the company and learn how long it has been in the market;

Read customer reviews to understand customer service levels, check planned maintenance schedules and find out the average downtime. You can also use Google to find the average response time for customer requests.

Another point is very important. Every self-respecting web host makes sure to back up your data on its remote server. If your site becomes a victim of a hacker (we hope this still does not happen!), it can be easily restored.


Hosting is a service necessary to run and find your site on the Internet. As you know, the latter has the potential to attract the attention of millions of users around the world.

Good hosting ensures that your content is delivered smoothly, provides a good experience for your visitors, and attracts more and more new users to your website.

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