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How to say thank you for a birthday party

Birthday parties, in particular, are not something that people often plan. But don’t worry if you didn’t make a birthday cake or take home a present – we appreciate it all the same.

If there’s one thing we can say is true about us, it’s that we like to be appreciated and acknowledged when times get tough. And as far as we’re concerned, your birthday is one of those times where you need to thank you and free thank you cards for everything put into making your day special.

Here are a few ideas that’ll help you if you’re looking for ways to thank you after your birthday party.

#1 Say thank you with a homemade cake.

Of course, there’s no better way to show your appreciation than with a homemade cake! We can’t be the only ones who appreciate this gesture. It’s a nice change from store-bought cakes, and it stands out when people see it on the table.

#2 Say thank you with a phone call.

If you’re invited to someone’s birthday party, don’t be afraid to call the next day and let them know how much you enjoyed it. You can also show appreciation for a birthday party by sending a card or doing something nice for their house.

#3 Say thank you with a bouquet.

This is something that girls worldwide do every year as a token of appreciation for the birthday girl. Yes, it’s a silly gesture, but we think it’s cute. We don’t know what else to say about this.

#4 Say thank you with dinner.

If you know the birthday girl will want to invite everyone over for dinner, then take her up on her offer. It’s the best way to show your appreciation for their party and make friends with everyone in attendance!

If You’ve Got The Time, We’ve Got The Right Greeting for you. Check out our group cards today itself. 

#5 Say thank you with a gift card from your favorite store.

Once again, this is another thing that is usually done by girls worldwide as an expression of gratitude for someone’s birthday party. Just take an old gift card, add your text and give it to the birthday girl as a token of appreciation.

#6 Say thank you with a bouquet.

So, you’ve already bought them flowers once, and now, they’re definitely in your mind all the time? This can be not very pleasant if you have to send them flowers all the time constantly. But why not buy a birthday cake as well? We don’t know what else to say about this one.

#7 Say thank you with a homemade dessert.

Just make something from scratch for them – we don’t know what else to say about this idea. 

#8 Say thank you with a free thank you cards

It’s the traditional way to say thank you for the party. Say thank you with your cards from sendwishonline. We all do it, so why not do it for real?

#9 Send some best thank you wishes with virtual thank you cards

  • Thank you for inviting me to your birthday party. I am excited to celebrate with you and will see you on the 15th!
  • Thanks for inviting us to your 50th birthday party. You are getting old and just kidding! We are delighted that we can attend and will see you then. 
  • We are excited about your birthday party! Thank you for the invitation. The kids and I are looking forward to it. 
  • We were excited to get the invitation to your birthday party this week. However, we already have plans for that day and will not be attending. We wish you a happy birthday and hope to see you soon.
  • Your birthday celebration sounds fun! Thank you for inviting us, but we can’t make it. We have tickets with the kids for [place/show/etc.] that day. We are sorry to miss out and hope you have a great time.
  • You are sending a sincere thank you for inviting me to your house for the delicious eats and excellent company. You’ve officially made my top-10 list of best hosts!
  • I can’t thank you enough for the invite- you know how to throw it down! And for the shots, those were the bomb dot com. Thanks again.
  • You shouldn’t have slaved away in the kitchen, but I just wanted to say my tummy says a vast, gigantic thank you for inviting me to your party!
  • You were such an elegant and thoughtful host. Thank you for inviting me to your party and please don’t’ hesitate to call anytime you need someone to eat your food. I’m available anytime. Thanks again.
  • Your hospitality shines like the sun, and your cooking took me to the moon and back. Thanks for the invite to your dinner party. It was so much fun- my only complaint would be not enough wine.

Last Words

Going to someone birthday party is a exciting thing. Thanks to them who invited you in the house birthday party with virtual thank you cards. Start designing your cards and take some look of wishes that written above.


Why spend your time searching for cards that fit your style when you can have a customized card designed just for you? We follow your every move, finding out what events and hobbies you like to participate in. You choose your words and we’ll design thank you ecards.

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