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How To Record And Edit Game Videos With FlexClip

The internet gaming community is rapidly growing on platforms like YouTube and Twitch, and a career in gaming and streaming is proving to be a highly profitable endeavor. If you want to start your own YouTube channel for game videos, you must have a good knowledge of game recording and editing.

Regardless of your pro-level skills or amusing comments, your videos won’t generate viewers and subscribers if they aren’t of the best quality. Follow this guide to record and edit gaming videos to start your journey as a gamer.


Game video recording

Recording a gameplay video includes recording the gameplay, its narration, and, if necessary, its in-game footage.


Screen recording

How you record your games depends on whether you want to play on a smartphone, console, or PC. On a smartphone and PC, you can record your gameplay using screen recording software, but for a console, you’ll also need an external video capture device.


Recording yourself

Also, if you want a video overlay of yourself playing, you will need a camera, or you can even use your webcam. You’ll also need a green screen behind you so you can add your picture-in-picture footage seamlessly with your game.


Audio recording

Game audio will be recorded by the software you are using to record your screen. To record your audio and narration, you will need a good-quality microphone or headset with a microphone. A separate USB microphone is preferred for professional sound quality. If you are not streaming and just uploading gameplay with commentary, it is advisable to record the narration separately and combine it with the video while editing.


Edit game videos

For the success of your YouTube channel, you must learn to edit your videos to make them different and attractive. You must support your skills with talent and greatness while editing. The first step is to choose a good video editing software. But don’t worry. You don’t need extensive knowledge of video editing to make professional-looking gaming videos.

FlexClip is a free web-based video editor that is easy to use and makes editing game videos simple. You can use its highly customizable tools and templates to make high-quality gaming videos that look stunning on any device. Follow these simple steps to edit in FlexClip:


Sign up

You can sign up for FlexClip for free using your email ID. However, if you want access to all FlexClip features, you can opt for a premium paid plan.


Choose a template

You can edit your video in a pre-made customizable template or start with a blank template with the proper aspect ratio. It is essential to know the dimensions of the device you recorded on so that the corners and sides of the footage are not cut off.


Upload your video

Record your gameplay and make sure the game sound is captured as well. If you’re not adding narration later and want to record it during playback, make sure you’re using a headset with a good microphone for clarity. Keep your comments and contributions lively and engaging because gameplay alone won’t be enough to keep your audience engaged.

Load the recorded footage into FlexClip, and you’re ready to start editing!


Edit your video

FlexClip has a variety of tools you can use to edit your video. You can add transitions, stickers, emojis, videos, photos, and social media buttons to update your videos and make them visually appealing and engaging. Add suitable text and music as needed. If you recorded your narration separately, combine the audio with the video.


Final game videos

If you are pleased with the final look of your video, sport it and download it in the best possible resolution. For the final step, publish your masterpiece! The following are a couple of tips to keep in mind while recording and editing your gaming videos:

  • Cut out the boring parts of your game.
  • Use your commentary, text, and music to create an engaging storyline.
  • Use images of yourself by playing image to image in your game so the audience can see your expressions and reactions.
  • Take some time and thought to make a good introduction and ending.


Last word

Gaming is one of the most popular genres on YouTube, and gaming videos are becoming commonplace on many other platforms such as TikTok and Instagram. You could be the next big pro gamer by creating your channel and community with awesome gaming videos. Record your plays and adjust them using FlexClip for an output that will leave your viewers in awe.

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