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How to Make a Logo for Free – Beginner’s Guide

make a logo

Logos can be amazing and can give individuals a specific inclination about your business. Putting investment into a custom logo design for your organization is truly significant — regardless of how little or new your business is. Do you know how to make a logo?

A decent brand image is worth very much, yet it doesn’t mean you really need to burn through a large number of dollars on it when you are simply beginning your business or brand.

There are various things you can do assuming you’re not exceptionally inventive or don’t have any desire to spend cash on creating your own one. This is where DesignEvo Logo Maker comes into play!

The best thing is it’s allowed to utilize for eternity free. Are you prepared to begin making your logo using DesignEvo? Then, let’s dive in!


Preparation before making a logo

logo template

If you found a great deal of logos or follow a ton of organizations, you might have seen how their designs look. Everyone has an image and possibly some text.

They additionally utilize some color mixes and popular designs. One of the main assignments for any organization is making a design that draws in its target group.

If you are contemplating creating the logo for your brand, we should go through barely any most significant realities that assist you with making a memorable logo.


1. Your Business

Contemplate your business. The “logo” is one of the most significant parts of any brand. Making a logo is most certainly one effective way by which you can show your business to others. Therefore, ensure your design takes care of its business adequately.

It very well may be items you promote, an area, building, the engineering of your place to observe an exceptional design idea. You can also check DesignEvo’s template page to be also inspired.


2. Color mixes

It’s very important to decide on a color for your design. You can investigate how big brands create their logos using colors. And you may be inspired by their logo color settings.

The truth of the matter is picking the right color will assist you with leaving your very own impression to your potential customers. It would be quite beneficial for your next steps if you could spare a moment to decide what colors you would love to combine in your creation.


3. Typography

Like in many other image designs, typography plays a significant role in logo design. This is another important component in logo design. A decent text can improve great fine art, while an ineffectively picked textual style can destroy even the best design.

You can attempt various types of font styles to get a unique feeling for your logo. In any case, be sure that you just pick the textual style that is not difficult to read with the appropriate size and proper spacing.


4. Think besides the box

Taking a look at the popular computer designs, all of them are special, and every logo has its own crowd.

Those logos consistently reminds us about their products, highlights, pricing, and so on. That is to say. You can address it loaded with your story or sort of message through your image. Why individuals fall into this design is on the grounds that it works.


How to make a logo with DesignEvo

how to make a logo

DesignEvo has 10,000+ beautiful templates to make your logo seamlessly. It also comes with a lot of logo editing assets and options to make your creation appealing and exclusive to you.

Besides, it has tons of vector icons, fonts, shapes, transparent image download options, and many more options that you’ll need to customize any template heavily. Thankfully, DesignEvo offers you a free version to access all the templates. Sounds good? Let’s go ahead and take a look!

Here’s how to make a logo with DesignEvo:

  1. First, open its website and sign up for DesignEvo using an email address or Facebook / Google account.
  2. Choose a favorite template from their library.
  3. Personalize your logo with your own business colors using DesignEvoe
  4. Preview and download your final logo!

If you want to replace the icon or any graphic for your design, simply use the “Icon” tab to search for one desired vector icon. You can also go through each category to find a desired one to change your logo’s look and feel.

After you’ve finished your design, you are able to download it as a JPG or PNG file. If you want to download it in any other favorite file format, including transparent PNG, PDF, or SVG in high resolution, you need to pay for its service.



DesignEvo is a well-known web-based logo-making tool nowadays. It has turned into a great platform for beginners and non-designers to make a logo effortlessly.

Furthermore, I remind you to register DesignEvo to begin making an extraordinary design utilizing its template. I’m pretty certain you will not get baffled by DesignEvo’s time-saving tool! It will assist you with making your design really engaging.

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