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How to Maintain Your Home On a Daily Basis with an Animal?

The right routine to adopt to clean your home when you have a pet!

Maintaining your home is far from easy when you live with a four-legged friend. Between the dirt to clean, the odors to hunt, and the many hairs to remove, daily cleaning is to be taken seriously if you want to keep your home clean. To ensure this cleanliness, apply this cleaning routine!

Vacuum regularly for a clean home

In general, vacuuming once every seven days is enough to clean the floor. But when you own a pet, you have to vacuum several times a week. When dust and hair are not removed regularly, they will form a clump that is more difficult to remove, which can sometimes cause respiratory problems or itchy skin. It is therefore advisable to vacuum the floor at least every two days.

To make sure your vacuum removes all pet hair, run it slowly. This trick allows the brush and airflow to catch even the toughest dirt. You can also choose a model of vacuum designed for pets. These devices guarantee you better efficiency and time savings on your cleaning.

Get rid of bad smells every day with these good habits

Even if we love our four-legged friend, the smells that emanate from his skin can be annoying when they spread through the house. To remove them, adopt these little habits in your household routine.

Ventilate your home daily. When you are at home, open all your windows to let in the air. In addition to reducing animal odors, natural ventilation has many benefits for your home and your well-being.

Also, remember to maintain your rugs and carpets with baking soda once a week. Scatter the powder over all of your upholstery and leave it on for several hours. Bicarbonate has the ability to absorb all odors. All you have to do is vacuum it up.

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Finally, wash your pet’s accessories regularly. Every week, put your dog’s or cat’s fabric cushions and baskets in the washing machine. Scrub your companion’s toys and litter box with a brush and white vinegar then rinse with clear water after 10 minutes. This will make the odors of slime and traces of limescale disappear.

Limit the dirt in your home with these good reflexes

Knowing these reflexes allows you to spend less time doing housework when living with an animal:

  • Brush your pet outside with a rubber glove to reduce hair falling into the house
  • Put an absorbent mat at the entrance of the house to remove the dirt on his paws
  • Create a dining area covered with newspaper so as not to dirty the floor
  • Remove stains from your carpets in hours with baking soda.

Clean stains in your home in just seconds using a shampooer!

Did you know that using a shampooer helps you get rid of the toughest stains on your rugs and carpets in just seconds? For a pet owner, this device can be a real-time saver to keep his house clean, even in the event of small accidents.

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