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How To Hire A Freelance Ecommerce Website Developer?

This article covers every aspect you need to know to hire a freelance ecommerce web developer for your project. Understand the difference between web and application developers, front-end and back-end developers, what to look for in a developer’s resume, and pitfalls to avoid. At the end of the article, we will look at some of the best places to find pre-screened, selected freelance developers.

Before probing into hiring the best freelance ecommerce website developer for your project, it’s essential to understand what freelance ecommerce website developers do.

Freelance ecommerce website developers are professional coders who develop, assemble code, go live, optimize, test, and maintain websites. Now, if you are confused about code names from different industries, such as web and application developers and designers, and the people needed for your project,  distinguish between three.

How to hire a Freelance Ecommerce Website Developer?

Differences between Web Developer, App Developer, and Web Designer

If you want to build a website, this process usually has two main components: website design and website coding. Freelance ecommerce website developers use Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, or similar graphic editors to develop the website layouts that include all the graphics they need. Some of them have solid coding knowledge, but others do not. So the point here is that a good freelance ecommerce website developer is not always a good programmer or web developer.

Note, but a good web developer may be a good designer. Freelance ecommerce website developers are engineers with extensive knowledge of web development and coding. They can create, debug, test, and maintain websites. You can also create custom functions that regular web designers cannot perform. If you are interested in developing mobile apps for your website or other projects, the best freelance ecommerce website developers will help. Now, when looking for freelance ecommerce website developers, you may come across different career names, such as front-end, back-end, and full-stack developers. How do you know which one you need?

The difference between front-end, back-end, and full-stack developers

The front-end developers focus on the visible part of the website. The back-end handles the database and infrastructure. While the full stack handles both.

If your project is relatively small, we recommend choosing full-stack or front-end developers with at least some back-end knowledge. Full-stack developers do not have extensive expertise in all front-end and back-end technologies. Still, they do have enough ability to build a usable website or minimum viable product quickly. Front-end developers are familiar with HTML, CSS (Bootstrap), and JavaScript (Angular, React, Vue). Back-end skills include various programming languages ​​such as Ruby (Ruby on Rails) and Python (Django, Flask).

How to find a good freelance ecommerce website developer: what to look for

First, you need to understand the skills you need to look for.

These are examples of basic coding skills for good freelance ecommerce website developers (especially front-end).

  • HTML / HTML5
  • CSS / CSS3
  • JavaScript
  • Common CSS/JS libraries: jQuery, Bootstrap

Be familiar with one of the following frameworks and understand the differences between them.

  • reaction
  • angle
  • js

For knowledge of back-end technology, please find:

  • Python (Flask / Django)
  • Ruby (Ruby on Rails)
  • PHP (Laravel / Symfony)
  • Javascript (Node.js / Express)

Look for Technical Expertise: 

It will help if you have some technical knowledge and a vision of the functionality required by the application. Freelance ecommerce website developers need to understand the language and framework required for the project. For example, a PHP programmer is the best choice for an ecommerce web design agency. Conversely, if you are thinking about developing interactive web applications, you need to understand Javascript and Node.js.

Finding a web developer is not easy, but finding a good developer is even more difficult. The right freelance ecommerce website developer can provide error-free, mobile-friendly, and fast websites. Applicants know that they need to have relevant skills to make the website fast or friendly in a mobile environment, As these are the essential elements you want to outline in your job description.

Go for Reliability: 

It is also essential to find a reliable freelance developer. The developer w0nt disappoint you because another customer has paid more. Also, it won’t be easy to contact the maintenance and support of your website in the future.

Some developers on the forum are indeed good, but it isn’t easy to find a needle in a haystack. Therefore, finding freelance developers on freelance platforms such as UpWork, Freelancer, or Fiverr is good. More importantly, freelancers bid for jobs on these websites, and sometimes the most unqualified people win the battle.

Hire an Active Developer:

Your project or website is very active. Therefore, maintenance, feature changes, advanced customization, security checks, search optimization, new login pages, opt-in integration, forms, etc., are required. , Every month, and in some cases every day. Therefore, always having reliable and available developers is an essential part of your business.

Another thing to remember is that every developer has their settings (plugins, templates, frameworks, tools, platforms), and if they disappear to you, they will find them. It cannot be easy. Other developers who are ready to dive into the work of others are more willing to stay away.

Therefore, it is best to outline a clear time frame for delivering the final product. And also the availability requirements during and after the start of the project.

Have a Clear Vision in Mind:

If you know to program, you can use online coding tools such as CodeInterview to challenge your future adoption. Once you choose a developer, explain your product vision and what you want to see.

It’s okay to ask freelancers for regular updates. But, don’t give unnecessary explanations. Developers can share code during the development process and check for regular updates.


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